Details from the Injustice 2 Watchtower Stream

The Injustice 2 Watchtower stream took place today, and we were able to pick up on some juicy details that will leave the fanbase frothing at the mouth!

  • in comparison to their past titles, Injustice 2 will feature not only the largest launch roster but also the largest DLC roster.
  • after the stream ends, beta codes will be sent out in waves! If you do not receive one after the stream, that doesn’t mean you’re without a chance to get invited.
  • four characters will be featured in the Injustice 2 beta, as well as a taste of the new Gear system.
  • the Gear system will influence characters to the point their movesets can be adjusted, sometimes replacing core moves with new ones.
  • as has been promised since last year, Injustice 2 will feature a tournament mode where the Gear system cannot come into effect, promoting a balanced competitive environment.
  • the Belt Battles from the Kombat Kasts have now become the Lantern Battles! Winner of the NRS staff’s Injustice 2 sessions gets the honor of keeping it in their office. And…there’ll be conditions involving Gear attached?!
  • the game comes with a dodge roll system that costs two bars of meter to use. The staff mentioned how the forward roll recovers faster while the backwards roll is more vulnerable. Use this mechanic wisely!
  • the Gotham City, Metropolis and Altantis levels have been featured, stage transitions and interactables included.
  • some wake-up specials without meter have invincibility, Batman’s slide being an example. Whether this applies to all wake-ups or not is unclear.

Other than that, the game closely follows in the footsteps of its predecessor with the return of the Clash mechanic, B3/F3 launchers, etc., with the new mechanics mixed in. And in my opinion, I see it as an improved recipe already (did Batman’s jump-2 just get beaten clean by an anti-air?! Wow!).

It should be noted that the gameplay build featured on the Watchtower is NOT final. Changes to things such as frame data, animations, etc. are still a possibility before release. But from what we have seen…we’re hype!To add to your excitement, take a look at these images compiled from the Watchtower stream and let us know what you think! We hope to see you on the beta soon!