Details for Online European Tournament Series, King of the Ring

Hey, killers! Following up on our update regarding our partnership with The Dutch Brawlers, their European tournament series, King of the Ring, has been reshaped into a circuit where players can compete for a chance to qualify for a Season Finale where we will have increased cash prizes at stake! It will run similarly to our North American series called KrossUp.

Keep in mind that King of the Ring is only open to players from the other side of the globe…in other words, the Americas are off-limits. If you reside in North America and want in on the action, you can visit this page to sign up for KrossUp.

We are absolutely pleased for the chance to support the European players for Killer Instinct, a title we have come to embrace recently. All EU players from Xbox One and Windows 10 will be allowed to participate due to the online cross-play, provided your PCs and Internet connections meet the required standards to support online multiplayer.

Details to know before participating:

  • King of the Ring will be a mini-series consisting of six tournaments. These will be set for February 26th, March 19th, April 2nd, April 23rd and May 14, and these will double as opportunities to acquire league points for yourself.
  • a Season Finale will complete the circuit on May 28th.
  • a total prize pot of $1,500 will be spread throughout all of the brackets. The qualifying brackets will feature $200 prize pots whereas the Finale will come with a $500 pot.
  • each week, Top 4 will be awarded by the following percentages: 1st place will get 50%, 2nd place will receive 25%, 3rd place gets 15% and 4th place wins 10%.
  • as each weekly bracket concludes, The Dutch Brawlers will collect Paypal information from the Top 4 and send them over to us so we can pay out our competitors.
  • all King of the Ring brackets will be broadcast at

Want to take some time to get familiar with how events are managed by The Dutch Brawlers? Visit their YouTube to watch some footage from King of the Ring as well as the Kombo Klash event held in the Netherlands!

Once the registration page becomes available, we will happily update you. We wish all competitors the best of luck! FIGHT ON.

P.S. Pssssst! Ultimates are coming to Killer Instinct soon! Check out this post to learn more.

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