Despite Travel Ban Concerns, The International 7 Will Be Held in Seattle

While announcing that The International 2017’s cosplay contest will be held in Seattle, Washington, Valve has indirectly confirmed that TI7 will remain stateside despite a number of concerns regarding guaranteed travel struggles for players traveling from outside of the United States.

Seattle was not always the home to The International. The inaugural event actually took place in Cologne, Germany during GamesCom 2011 as a way for Valve to market the game’s international interest, then moved to Seattle’s Benaroya Hall. It has since traded Benaroya Hall for the spacious KeyArena, where it will likely be held for a fourth consecutive year.

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Without the travel ban causing a ruckus for those traveling from foreign nations, many not even listed on the ban, players and teams from all over the globe have experienced significant trouble when attempting to acquire travel visas to attend The International since its move to the US. Teams have found themselves at disadvantages going into the competition as members of their starting lineup were forced to stay home after several rejected visa applications, forcing the use of a less experienced substitute. At worst, entire teams had their visas rejected. A more recent example is Execration’s inability to compete in The Boston Major due to complications that arose during the process of acquiring visas, despite receiving direct invites to the event from Valve, which led to LGD Gaming replacing them.

Many have blamed Valve’s lack of communication and support for the frequent application rejections but, whatever the reason, Dota 2 fans will be waiting with bated breath as their favorite foreign teams attempt to cross country lines for the biggest tournament of the season.

The International 2017 will commence in the first half of August, the specific dates having yet to be revealed. Open and Regional Qualifiers will take place June 22nd-25th and 26th-29th, respectively.

Image Source: Valve

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