Dee_Ancer wins Red Bull Proving Grounds Online Qualifier #3!

For the final online qualifier from Red Bull Proving Grounds, 164 players signed up to compete for league points and a spot in the top three.

As per the rules of the league, twelve three-player teams will qualify from each of their regions to earn a spot in an invitational team tournament at Santa Monica, California. One of the teams will consist of players who amassed enough points from the RBPG online qualifiers, of which there would be three brackets.

Tonight, eight finalists from the third qualifier clashed with one another in a last-ditch effort to squeeze into the top three. With the recent balance changes made to Street Fighter V Season 2, we saw quite a change in how players approached their opponents’ strategies, particularly Dee_Ancer. Although he’d already been a consistent placer from the SFV Savage Series before F.A.N.G’s buffs came about, he got to demonstrate his best performance thus far in Red Bull Proving Grounds.

Tournament Placings

1st Place: Dee_Ancer
2nd Place: CE Psycho
3rd Place: EliTheCurry
4th Place: CrossoverRD
5th Place: Silvezio and DaFeetLee
7th Place: YaNoob and Silver UrbanFlow

Match Log

Winner’s Quarterfinals

Dee_Ancer (F.A.N.G): 2 vs. DaFeetLee (Ibuki): 0

CE Psycho (Necalli): 2 vs. Silvezio (Balrog): 0

Loser’s Bracket

YaNoob (Urien): 0 vs. CrossoverRD (Necalli): 2

EliTheCurry (Laura): 2 vs. Silver UrbanFlow (Karin): 0

Loser’s Quarterfinals

Silvezio (Balrog and M. Bison): 0 vs. CrossoverRD (Necalli): 2

EliTheCurry (Laura): 2 vs. DaFeetLee (Ibuki): 1

Winner’s Finals

Dee_Ancer (F.A.N.G): 3 vs. CE Psycho (Necalli): 1

Loser’s Semifinals

CrossoverRD (Necalli): 1 vs. EliTheCurry (Laura): 2

Loser’s Finals

EliTheCurry (Laura): 2 vs. CE Psycho (Necalli): 3

Grand Finals

Dee_Ancer (F.A.N.G): 3 vs. CE Psycho (Necalli and Balrog): 0

Dee_Ancer proceeded to dominate the entire bracket while dropping only one game for CE Psycho in the Winner’s Finals. As a result of his victory, he has successfully crept into the top three rankings for the PGO division in Red Bull Proving Grounds! We’ve joined his fanbase since his debut in the SFV Savage Series by LevelUp and StreamMe back in January, and so we are thrilled to congratulate him for his achievement!

With the completion of the third RBPG online qualifier, here are the final rankings for the top ten competitors from the PGO division:

  • MGT_CrossoverRD – 700 points
  • Rise MenaRD – 600 points
  • Dee_Ancer – 500 points
  • Silvezio – 400 points
  • Psycho – 400 points
  • Method Mikeand1ke – 400 points
  • Lilo24k – 350 points
  • EliTheCurry – 350 points
  • GAM Caba – 300 points
  • Noble Vagabond – 260 points

In light of these recent results, the first of twelve teams to be invited to the Red Bull Proving Grounds finals for the Spring Season will be CrossoverRD, Rise MenaRD and Dee_Ancer! We’ll see them again at the Red Bull studio in Santa Monica at the end of June! Congratulations to these competitors for their recent success in the league!

A little peak into the prizes to be earned at the Spring Season finals:

  • a $6,000 prize pool will be split across the winning team. That means each player will win $2,000.
  • the top eight players from the winning team’s region will all receive a fully paid package for a trip to Evolution 2017, which will occur at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas this year. This includes the coverage of flights, hotel rooms and entry into the event.

The fun is far from over, though! Off the network, eleven regions will be hosting the third and last qualifiers for the Spring Season at designated events around the country, including CEO’s Citrus Clash and Atlanta’s Southeast Battles! Once the weekend comes to a close, eleven other teams will join the PGO division for the Spring Season finals.

If you’d like to catch up on all these events, we recommend browsing through RBPG’s page at SmashGG! It’s going to be an exciting weekend to be a Street Fighter V player.

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