Deadshot Video Tutorial with @PNDKetchup and @PNDMustard

Once again, the PND brothers are back with a brief video tutorial of another Injustice 2 character! This time, we’re taking a look at one of the most desired characters since the release of the Suicide Squad film – Deadshot.

A pure-bred zoner, Deadshot actually has projectiles built inside his strings. All can be special-cancelled except for after the first gunshot of the first string with such a capability to be showcased in the video above. He also has a low-hitting normal that acts as a footsie tool, as well as an overhead that leads into a follow-up which knocks the opponent to a distance.

Players will find themselves using his special moves quite a ton in the zoning game. This builds a lot of meter which can be spent to augment Deadshot’s zoning even further. He can fire gunshots horizontally or at angles, forcing the opponent to be conservative when approaching him. Trying to outzone Deadshot will likely be an exercise in futility unless your character has a teleport that helps them to close the distance.

It gets better! Deadshot’s character power allows him to enhance his gunshots with one of the following three effects:

  • activating the trait while in a neutral stance will apply a flaming effect to his projectiles. If they connect with the opponent, they take a lot of damage while slowly losing health over time.
  • holding back before triggering the trait will add an explosive effect to his gunshots. These also do increased damage, but will knock the opponent further away on hit.
  • holding forward before using the trait will apply a toxic effect that drains away the opponent’s Super Meter on hit.

Side-note: a week before last week’s Injustice 2 event in London, the PND brothers had another opportunity to playtest the game. They took a liking to Deadshot quickly during their four days of gameplay with him. For a written breakdown of the character, see this page at the TYM forums.

If you have a preference for defensive play, Deadshot may just be your character! Give the clip a watch and let us know what you think on Twitter!

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