Darkseid’s Gameplay Trailer Revealed for @InjusticeGame 2!

Darkseid’s gameplay trailer was just dropped via the Injustice 2 live stream event at Los Angeles!

Why delay you with more comments when we can just let you enjoy this thrilling clip of Darkseid’s capabilities? Check it out!

You’ll have immediate access to Darkseid if you pre-order the game. To do so, visit the Injustice website for details. Players can pre-order:

  • a standard edition, but they will have to purchase the DLC separately as they are released.
  • a digital deluxe edition which gives them access to the first three DLC characters and one premium skin.
  • an ultimate edition with access to¬†all DLC content¬†as they are released.

In the meantime, the stream is still ongoing. Check out this Twitter post below to get the link and catch up on the excitement! If you cannot tune in now, you will be able to catch up by looking through their archives later on.

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