Dallas Cowboys Considering Venturing Into ESports

The Dallas Cowboys might be taking the same plunge that so many other traditional sports brands have been taking, according to AdvertisingAge’s George Slefo.

Matt O’Neil, senior Vice President of brand marketing for the Dallas Cowboys, did not bother with sugar-coating or pandering to the industry as he explained the reason for the brand’s year-long interest in the scene: It all has to do with money.

“When it comes to something like e-sports, it makes so much sense for us because we’re such a sales driven organization,” said O’Neil, “If we thought we could buy a team for — gimme a number — $2 million, $3 million, $5 million or whatever, but get $7 million in sponsorship deals over the next couple years it becomes a no-brainer.”

The Dallas Cowboys have allegedly been working with Texas-based marketing firm Epsilon, who recently launched a new service called Data Design, to determine what kind of figures can be earned from eSports. Together, they categorized the competitive gaming into separate categories and analyzed which category of consumers was interested in what kinds of brands and products.

While several football and basketball clubs and organizations have already dove headfirst into competitive gaming, the Dallas Cowboys’ entry would be the first for NFL teams. However, the move is not totally uninspired; O’Neil’s brother, Scott O’Neil, is the CEO of the Philadelphia 76ers, which acquired and merged Apex Gaming and Team Dignitas last year. Additionally, NFL Media and EA Sports partnered late last year to broadcast the Madden NFL Championship Series.

“It was kind of like matching us all together,” continued O’Neil, “And to me, that’s as clear as it goes.”

“Whether or not e-sports thrives long term, if we felt we could make that money today, then let’s go.”

At present, there are no hints towards which direction the Cowboys would take, should they choose to enter competitive gaming. It is possible that they could choose the Rick Fox method and create their own organization, or they could simply invest in an organization in a similar manner to Shaquille O’Neil and NRG.

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