CWL To Hold Four Major Events in Europe

The Call of Duty World League has unveiled their 2017 plans for Europe, which includes hosting foul “high-profile” events to London, Paris, Birmingham, and Sheffield. Each tournament boasts a large prize pool and a just-as-large award of CWL Pro Points, which will practically guarantee the winning teams a spot in the CWL Global Pro League in April.

While the World League Paris Open will be open to teams from all over the world, the remaining three will only be open to teams based in Europe. The CWL described the venture into the European scene as a part of their, “continued global growth of the Call of Duty World League,” and claims that these events are the, “perfect” opportunities for European teams and players to showcase their talents on stage.

CWL London, hosted by Gfinity, will take place January 27th – 29th at the Gfinity Arena in London. With $25,000 USD on the line, sixteen teams will receive direct invites from the Call of Duty World League based off of the total number of Pro Points they have accrued by the 16th; all teams will have travel and lodging provided for them. The winning team will receive 5,000 CWL Pro Points.

The CWL Paris Open will be hosted by ESWC on February 17th to the 19th, at Porte De Versailles, Paris. Up to 96 teams will be able to compete for the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool and a the winner’s bounty of 10,000 CWL Pro Points.  The top eight teams in the regions with the highest amount of CWL Pro Points will receive direct invites, with travel and lodging covered, while others will compete in an open bracket for Pool Play spots; eight will be available for European teams and up to four will be available for those from North America.

April 14th to the 16th will feature eight of Europe’s top Call of Duty teams at the CWL Birmingham Open, who will receive direct invites with the previously mentioned perks.  Up to 96 teams will compete at The National Exhibition Centre for the CWL Birmingham Open, with twelve starting in Pool Play and four spots being available from the Open Bracket. A total of $50,000 will be available to the best-performing teams, with 10,000 CWL Pro Points being awarded to whoever places first.

Last, but not least, is the CWL Sheffield Open, which will be hosted by EGL as a part of EGL 16, at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield. Up to 64 teams will compete in the event, with 12 starting in Pool Play and 4 spots available for teams qualifying from the Open Bracket. Again Europe’s top-performing team, determined by their total number of CWL Pro Points, will receive direct invites. $25,000 will be provided for the total prize pool, and 10,000 CWL Pro Points will be awarded to the winning team.

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