Cutting Edge eSports welcomes Tekken player @JodyThaGreat

Originally recognized for its specialization in shooter-based esports circuits, Cutting Edge eSports recently expanded into fighting game territory by creating divisions for games such as Street Fighter V and Injustice 2. As another step forward, their latest acquisition leads them to a world governed by Bandai Namco’s legendary 3D franchise – Tekken.

We’re happy to announce that JodyThaGreat has joined cE eSports as their leading player for their brand new Tekken division! Now that Tekken 7 has finally come to consoles, JodyThaGreat’s participation will beckon the spotlight towards cE eSports as they strive to adapt to the game’s competitive environment.

Originally founded in 2013, Cutting Edge eSports welcomed crews from Call of Duty, Global Offensive: Counter-Strike, Halo and Gears of War as gaming competitions continued to expand and erupt around the entire globe. They are powered by numerous organizations including GammaGamers. As the FGC’s corner of esports began to arrest everyone’s attention halfway through the decade, Cutting Edge took notice and decided to capitalize by creating more teams that specialize in fighting games including the ever-popular Street Fighter franchise.

JodyThaGreat will now compete alongside players such as cE Psycho, cE HappyPow, cE Crathen, etc. as the team continues working to make the most of its time in the fighting game community. We wish Jody and his new comrades all the best in their future endeavors!

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