CSL Partners With Riot for uLoL Campus Series

Riot Games have partnered with The Collegiate StarLeague to present the 2017 season of CSL’s League of Legends collegiate league, uLoL Campus Series, the companies announced Tuesday.

Previously known as the North American Collegiate Championship, or the NACC, the uLoL Campus Series is a collegiate level event that provides scholarship money to those who best perform in the league. The 2016 season saw over five hundred schools attempt to qualify for the event, of which thirty-two made the cut and were divided into four regional conferences. Robert Morris University, Ohio State University, University of Toronto and the University of Georgia were among the top competitors in their respective conferences, but it was the University of British Columbia that took the North American title for the second year in a row.

Registration for the 2017 season will begin on October 15th, the final day for clubs to register with CSL, and will run until December 5th with the final roster lock-in to take place approximately three weeks later on the 30th.

lolOnce sorted into their regions, teams will be seeded into groups of six based off of the combined average MMR of each player on the lineup. January 14th will be when the league kicks off, with teams competing in best-of-three matches each week for five weeks to fight for the top two spots that will qualify for the bracket stage. Similarly to the group stage, the matches in the bracket stage will be BO3 with the exception of the Regional finals, which will be best-of-five.

Even if they don’t come out on top, every team that makes it to the bracket stage will receive scholarship money with the following breakdown:

Place Amount Per Player (USD)
First $8,000
Second $4,000
Third – Fourth $2,000
Fifth – Eighth $1,000

This is not the first time Riot and the Collegiate StarLeague have teamed up, but this is the first time that the two have officially become partners to bring forth an event. CSL claims that the partnership will allow many more schools to participate in the league, and, “Help unify the myriad of different storylines into one cohesive collegiate League of Legends experience.”

For questions and concerns that CSL’s provided links cannot answer, there will be a public Q&A hosted by both Riot Games and CSL in the coming week.

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