Counter Logic Gaming Steps Into Hearthstone

After years of seemingly ignoring the scene, North American eSports organization Counter Logic Gaming has announced that they have signed three Hearthstone players to their roster. Frederik “Hoej” Nielsen, Kim “Surrender” Jung-soo, and Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert will be playing under the CLG brand from now on.

“CLG has always been my favorite NA team since they started with their first LoL squad, and now I’m really excited to join team CLG,” wrote Surrender in a statement, “Now it reminds me of my teenage dream – being a professional gamer like SC & LoL players!”

The three players formerly played for Natus Vincere, who disbanded their Hearthstone division back in September. Na’Vi teammate Sebastian “Ostkaka” Engwall was later picked up by Alliance, but the remaining three were left adrift for several months despite being regarded as some of the best Hearthstone players in the world.

Xixo, in particular, has seen a fair amount of success since beginning his career in 2014. He recently played 3rd at the Gang Wars Tournament, and 1st at the WESG 2016 European & CIS Qualifiers. During SL i-L StarSeries Season 2 Xixo also took first place, and 3rd-4th at the Xfinity Hearthstone Invitational II. When it came to deciding which organization the three should join, Xixo said that Counter Logic Gaming had no contest.

“After talking to a lot of esport organizations it’s been clear pretty fast that CLG was the best fit,” said Xixo, “ I’m super excited to keep working with my teammates Surrender and Hoej and join the CLG family. CLG provides us everything we need to practice the best we can and I’m convinced that by the end of the year we can eliminate any doubts regarding us being the best Hearthstone squad in the world.”

However, his successes do not undermine the skills of his teammates. Surrender frequently claims top four placements in the events he participates in, including taking 3rd-4th at the OGN Hearthstone Seoul World Cup Invitational. Hoej also regularly saw top finishes at several of the events he competed in during 2016, coming in 3rd-4th at DreamHack Summer and 3rd at Copenhagen Games Spring 2016, even after just shy of a year and a half in the pro scene.

It’s clear that three are glad to stick together, and they express an immense amount of gratitude for the support they have received from Counter Logic Gaming, who claims that they now have one of the strongest lineups in competitive Hearthstone.

“They fit right into the CLG culture as hard working players that love to have fun while playing,” the organization wrote in their announcement, “ They came together as a team from their previous organization and even dyed their hair in solidarity! 2017 is going to be a fun year for CLG and we are happy to kickstart the year with the addition of new members to the CLG family.”

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