CornFGC wins #SavageSeries Week 4 & Mono PR (@Monopr) is going to @EVO!

We thank the Street Fighter V community for embracing the Savage Series so warmly! Every week, we’ve been treated to back-and-forth struggles full of amazing reads, precise punishes, impeccable spacing and real master comebacks! Now, our fourth bracket will decide two things:

  1. Our Week 4 winner.
  2. The player who will be going to EVO 2017!

Read on to see who it will be!
The Savage Series welcomes newcomers Dee_Ancer and Dankadillas as the opening match for Week 4. Dee_Ancer (F.A.N.G) inflicts suffocating pressure on his opponent, using Counter Hit confirms and his poison to maximize his damage. Dankadillas (Dhalsim) feels helpless at first, but as the set progresses, his defense improves to incomprehensible levels, so much so that even Dee_Ancer’s attempts to cross him up do not meet with success. When Dank’s drills go unchecked, he begins abusing it to seize control of the match. Dee_Ancer is eventually caught whiffing too many standing strongs which were intended to check Dhalsim’s limbs, yet Dankadillas does not chuck them recklessly. With a strong adjustment, Dankadillas advances to Winner’s Finals!

The bracket shifts over to Loser’s where Mono PR, the F.A.N.G specialist with consistent Top 8s under his belt, takes on NB Squall’s Necalli. Mono PR is quick to establish domination with his unique rushdown style coupled with his abuse of V-skill and plus frames. Squall is stuck on the defensive, letting too many jump-ins go unpunished and not capitalizing on hit-confirms. Mono runs away with the set for a while until Squall finally wakes up and pops his V-trigger so as to send a message. An amazing throw break saves Squall after he endures a slew of plus frames, giving him a chance at a miracle. When Mono triggers his V-skill at a close range, Squall reacts with a Critical Art…but it does not punish. The resulting block gives Mono PR the 3-0 victory!

On the other side of Loser’s, newcomers Spab Rob (Ibuki) and KB (Birdie) begin their struggle to determine who will stay alive in the tournament. KB cares not for the environment as he litters the stage with soda cans rolling across the screen. Spab Rob constantly tries to challenge but is tripped up by the cans. However, he demonstrates great awareness of KB’s decisions to go for the command grab, punishing it every time with a neutral jump. Spab Rob is also not shy about interrupting flip-outs with an EX uppercut, but his courage eventually leads him to punishment. Unfortunately, a connection error interrupts the set just as KB goes to set point, awarding him the win by default.

The bracket jumps back over to the Winner’s side where CornFGC (Alex) takes on the Week 2 champion, Strike El Tigre (Laura). Both players spend their matches dancing slowly around each other’s normals, scouting for openings to press their offense. Corn lands the first strike and pandemonium is instantly wrought. Rounds are either slow to progress or quick to end. El Tigre finds himself losing out in the neutral and tries to apply Thunder Clap blockstrings, only for Corn to barge right through them using his EX elbow chops! The third game ends with a disrespectful display from Corn, a decision he would come to regret as El Tigre takes Game 4 by relentlessly preying on Corn’s attempts to jump out of his offense. Sitting on a 2-2 tie, both players revert back to a slow playstyle trying desperately to bait the other. A Thunder Clap blockstring goes interrupted thereby breaking the stalemate, much to the detriment of El Tigre who has been dropped into Loser’s Bracket!

With six competitors remaining in the Savage Series, we are treated to something that has possibly never occurred in a Street Fighter V tournament…a F.A.N.G mirror, played by Mono PR and Dee_Ancer. Given the league standings, Mono PR’s ride to EVO is at stake here, so the pressure runs high…as does the insanity! Floaty jumps, dodgeball displays, and V-reversals explode throughout the set like fireworks, the chaos running so high that the commentators are unsure of what to say! Mono PR takes a quick 2-0 lead and is poised to close out the third game, until Dee_Ancer finds the courage to challenge him with an anti-air. Mono’s panicked fireball is stuffed by Dee_Ancer’s poison cloud allowing the white-robed F.A.N.G to steal the match. The hype overload leaks into both the stream studio and the chat as both players retreat full-screen searching desperately for an opening with the clock racing downwards. Finally, Mono PR baits a throw from Dee_Ancer and punishes with the killing combo to win 3-2!

Strike El Tigre’s chance at the EVO trip is also at stake in his match against KB (Birdie). With Birdie having the upper hand in the ground game, El Tigre feels pressure to rush him down quickly before KB can find any sort of momentum. But his difficulty in punishing Birdie’s Bull Rush limits his opportunities. KB actually succeeds in intimidating the Brazilian brawler long enough to pounce on him with his EX command grabs, stunning him in the process so as to guarantee follow-ups that would finish off El Tigre. Whereas Laura players would smother opponents with V-skill dashes into button checks, KB actually calls him out on it. Seemingly left with no answer, El Tigre is pushed into the corner where he fails to anti-air KB’s incoming jump-in and is eliminated as a result. KB advances through the bracket 3-1!

For Winner’s Finals, we would see CornFGC take on Dankadillas in a match-up that seems difficult on paper, but apparently not in practice. Despite Dhalsim’s space control, Corn’s Alex maintains an impressive control from mid-range. The set contains some explosive rounds that ends in Perfect K.O.s – in fact, we would see back to back Perfects in Game 4 for both players, thereby extending the match to a final round. Dankadillas’s Yoga Fire leaves him at constant plus frames to work with and Corn is trapped on the defensive until a round is lost. But that would be Dank’s only triumph from this set, as he finds himself trapped in the corner, forced to guess for his life and failing miserably. Corn suffers a bit of difficulty anti-airing Dank’s teleports, yet he makes up for it with his tremendous damage output. A final whiff punish from Alex awards CornFGC a 3-1 victory over Dankadillas, propelling him to the Week 4 Grand Finals!

With the stakes rising, Mono PR takes on KB in what is surprisingly a one-sided set after an entertaining first round where Mono goes for his Critical Art to chip out KB. No matter the decisions, KB constantly comes up short trying to gain the upper hand. His specials being abnormally slow makes him vulnerable to being challenged by Mono’s F.A.N.G, and his troubles in blocking the poison cloud in the corner only adds to his woes. Mono comfortably sits back to watch his opponent’s life draining away due to the poison while preventing him from invading his personal space. The few times where KB finally gets an opportunity to pressure, Mono spends a stock of V-reversal to resume their game of tag. With no answer, KB is forced to admit defeat.

Coming off such a strong victory, Mono is understandably confident…so much so, in fact, that for the first time in the Savage Series, he pockets his F.A.N.G to play M. Bison against Dankadillas. The viewers are naturally skeptical about this choice, but their doubts are assuaged by Mono’s effective approach to the match-up. Dank struggles to defend against Bison, but is constantly opened up. Mono plays at such a high speed that Dank is frozen in fear, leaving him vulnerable to unexpected cross-ups from double dashes and the aerial Devil’s Reverse attack. Dhalsim’s attempts at a footsie game are rendered irrelevant, forcing him to rely on his teleport to smite Bison from behind with his Yoga Flame. This approach proves helpful, but not effective enough to turn the tide. Mono wins six rounds straight to make his return to Grand Finals, where he will face CornFGC!

Going back to his F.A.N.G, Mono PR leads off a dominant first round, almost scoring a Perfect until Corn fights him off. Corn relies on his EX stomp special as a reversal and a tool to approach, and when blocked, his options multiply off his plus frames. Mono is able to contest him consistently in the footsie range, but his victories are hollow due to Corn’s use of the armored EX lariat. A V-trigger parry cuts Mono’s offense short and awards Corn a combo opportunity that leads him to his first win. From there, Corn evolves into a man that knows no restraint. Mono is constantly checked by Alex’s crouching medium punch, forcing him to take risks in order to grab at a chance of victory. More often than not, these risks do not end in his favor. Corn’s V-trigger lends him the capability of ending his combos with advantageous restands that leave Mono PR at his mercy. Eventually, Corn’s pressure erodes Mono into ash to conclude their final bout in the Savage Series!

Tournament Placings

1st Place – CornFGC (Alex)
2nd Place – Mono PR (F.A.N.G and M. Bison)
3rd Place – Dankadillas (Dhalsim)
4th Place – KB (Birdie)
5th Place Tie – Dee_Ancer (F.A.N.G) and Strike El Tigre (Laura)
7th Place Tie – NB Squall (Necalli) and Spab Rob (Ibuki)

Match Log

Winner’s Semifinals

Dee_Ancer (F.A.N.G): 1 vs. Dankadillas (Dhalsim): 3

CornFGC (Alex): 3 vs. Strike El Tigre (Laura): 2

Loser’s Bracket

Mono PR (F.A.N.G): 3 vs. NB Squall (Necalli): 0

Spab Rob (Ibuki): 1 vs. KB (Birdie): 3

Loser’s Quarterfinals

Mono PR (F.A.N.G): 3 vs. Dee_Ancer (F.A.N.G): 2

Strike El Tigre (Laura): 1 vs. KB (Birdie): 3

Winner’s Finals

CornFGC (Alex): 3 vs. Dankadillas (Dhalsim): 2

Loser’s Semifinals

KB (Birdie): 0 vs. MonoPR (F.A.N.G): 3

Loser’s Finals

Mono PR (M. Bison): 3 vs. Dankadillas (Dhalsim): 0

Grand Finals

Mono PR (F.A.N.G): 1 vs. CornFGC (Alex): 3

Congratulations to CornFGC for becoming the Savage Series Week 4 champion! He now joins our Hall of Fame where the Savage Series winners are immortalized. As a brief reminder of which players won which week of the circuit, read below:

Week 1 Winner: DNL Chris Tatarian
Week 2 Winner: Strike El Tigre
Week 3 Winner: GTG MikeAndIke12

Now…the moment of truth. With the Savage Series at an end, below are the final league standings for our competitors…

With Strike El Tigre having been eliminated at fifth place, Mono PR’s victory over KB has put him at first place in the Savage Series rankings! As a result, Mono PR is your Savage Series Grand Champion! Sincerest congratulations to this warrior for blowing our minds every week with his F.A.N.G, a character many believe to be so low in the tier charts that he may as well be the equivalent of Dan from the Street Fighter 4 series. This goes to show that tiers alone determine nothing.

As promised, the prize for winning the Savage Series will be a fully paid trip to Evolution 2017, where Street Fighter V will undoubtedly be the headliner game. We look forward to seeing how well Mono PR stacks up against the competition there, but of course, we’ll be rooting for everyone else in attendance!

To those of you who played and tuned in to watch the Savage Series on Stream.Me, we are thankful for each and every one of you. But while the series has come to an end, this does not mean that we will discontinue SFV events…stay tuned for future announcements from us!

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