Contribute to NCR’s prize pool by buying Daigo’s book, “The Will to Keep Winning!”

Want to contribute to a prize pool for a Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event?! Now you can do just that!

NorCal Regionals is coming up in Sacramento this weekend, where players will gather for another tremendously stacked bracket in the Street Fighter V scene. This event will also double as a qualifying event for the CPT, meaning that the winner will be immediately locked in for Capcom Cup 2017. Online registration has closed, but players can still register at the venue on-site.

As to how you can contribute to the prize pool, check this out. The Matcherino website is hosting a campaign where customers can either purchase products or donate $1 using the coupon code “NCR.” You can also make a direct donation if you really have the cash to spare.

Included among these products is Daigo’s legendary book, “The Will to Keep Winning.” It was initially published in his native language a while back, but as of last year, it has been re-released with an English translation. The book has quickly become one of the biggest hits in the world, as Daigo’s input can be applied to anyone’s lives whether they are fighting game players or not.

Each copy is valued at $22. All proceeds will go towards the NCR prize pool for Street Fighter V. To make a purchase, visit the Matcherino page here.

Of course, there are other rewards you can enjoy while donating. These include XSplit licenses, SFV posters, t-shirts and even a shout-out from the Beast himself on Twitter!

As for NorCal Regionals, it will take place at the Holiday Inn in downtown Sacramento on April 14th-16th, 2017. Visit their website to learn more about the event. Games other than SFV will also be featured, including Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Smash Melee, Smash Wii-U, Pokken Tournament and King of Fighters XIV.

Due to the completion of online registration, an early draft for the NCR pools is now available on their Challonge page, seen here. And boy, these are quite STACKED.

So, who will fill the next slot in this year’s Capcom Cup bracket?! Be sure you tune in this weekend to find out!

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