CompLexity Changes Up Dota 2 Roster

Just six months after being picked up, Antonio “canceL” Mihai has parted ways with compLexity Gaming’s Dota 2 lineup and will be taking a break from the pro scene to work on his individual skills.

The announcement was made via the organization’s flagship, which was where they touched base on their rather disappointing results in recent months and how all of col.Dota struggled to improve where they could.

“In past weeks the team’s performance has faltered and Antonio was the first to point out that he was not performing at the level the team needed, nor what he expected of himself,” it was explained, “Since then we have redoubled our efforts to try to help canceL make the improvements necessary, but we’ve simply fallen short.”

It’s not difficult to see what the team is concerned about. Since picking up canceL in September, along with Justin “Justin” Rosselle and David “Moo” Hull, compLexity has yet to shine on the main stage. The lineup has only scraped by in most of the qualifiers they have competed in and, when it comes to the international front, compLexity has yet to perform well at any of the major events participated in. Most notable are their results from tournaments like The Boston Major 2016 and Nothern Arena BEAT Invitational, where they came in 9th-16th and 7th-8th respectively.

According to a statement penned by Andrew “aMeis” Miesner, it was canceL who made the decision to step away from the roster, claiming that he recognized that his inability to meet the team’s desired level of performance was what dragged them down.

“Unfortunately in the recent qualifiers I was not performing at a level that I expected of myself, and I felt I was holding the team back,” said Antonio in a message of his own, “As a result I decided to take some time to work on my play individually, rather than holding my team back.”

Regardless of whether or not the choice to part ways was made by canceL, the announcement has been met with general disdain towards compLexity as fans insist that releasing the mid player over others was a mistake.

Until they find a suitable replacement, canceL’s position will be filled by Doo Woop’s Eric “747” Dong. He will be competing with the team in today’s Elimination Mode 3 match. As for canceL’s future with the organization, compLexity Gaming’s General Manager, Kyle “Beef” Bautista, implied that the solo mid player is still tied to the organization, likely due to parameters outlined by his contract.

“It is regrettable that his raw talent wasn’t able to translate to success within the team environment, but I know that he gave it his all, each and every day. I am sad to see him departing the competitive team, but following some time away from Dota, I hope we will be able to continue working with him as a streamer and personality.”

It’s possible that canceL will be transitioning from a member of the team to a streamer for the organization, at least until his contract expires or is sold.

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