Combo Breaker Pot Bonuses Provided for Skullgirl and Killer Instinct!

Combo Breaker is slightly less than two months away. As the anticipation climbs, players who specialize in Skullgirls and Killer Instinct will gain a greater incentive to participate.

Why is that? Because during the Killer Instinct World Cup back in early March, it was announced that $5,000 would be contributed to KI’s prize pot at Combo Breaker, courtesy of the KI Ultra Tour. For those who don’t know what the Ultra Tour is, it is defined as a collection of funds that go towards winnings for online and offline tournaments for Killer Instinct. Recently the community contributed over $50,000 to the Ultra Tour by purchasing Kilgore after he was released in January.

Killer Instinct became one of the event’s keystones last year due to a memorable Grand Finals between BH Thompxson and Circa Nicky. It now returns this year with $5,000 up for grabs. As well, it is likely to double as a qualifier for the next KI World Cup in 2018.

Side-note: a $5,000 pot bonus is also going towards KI at CEO 2017, as evidenced in the image above.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! If you happen to possess an interest in Skullgirls (we know SonicFox certainly does!), Autumn Games has just contributed a $2,000 prize pot for you at Combo Breaker! If you want a shred of that money, you’d best get to training because the competition is absolutely merciless!

More than likely, we’ll be hearing of pot bonuses announced for more games at Combo Breaker this year. Should we learn of such developments, we will keep you informed!

Planning to attend Combo Breaker? The price for registering online increases to $70 tomorrow, so we highly recommend that you make haste! Visit the Combo Breaker website and register now!