Combo Breaker 2017 will introduce “3-player Advancing Pools!”

As esports continues to evolve, event organizers around the globe are always searching for ways to improve the experience for their tournament players. One such example is the introduction of a new win condition for pools matches at Combo Breaker 2017.

This condition is called “three-player advancement pools.”

It sounds complicated to those new to this concept, but in reality it is painfully simple. This new method essentially eliminates the Loser’s Finals match from each and every pool, meaning that if two players meet each other at the end of the Loser’s Bracket, they are not required to play each other. Instead, they are progressed to the next phase of the tournament, where they will face competitors from other pools.

It is important to note that this adjustment will apply only to brackets that have at least eighty-one people registered via the Internet. Otherwise, pools will follow the standard format where only two players can proceed to finals.

The reason behind this method? The Combo Breaker team has been evaluating statistics from each of their events every year. One thing that stands out to them is the amount of “double jeopardy” outcomes that have happened. To define, double jeopardy is when two players meet each other in Winner’s Bracket and then in Loser’s Bracket if the player that won their last match was sent to Loser’s later on. And the part of the pool where double jeopardy usually takes place is – you’ve guessed it – Loser’s Finals.

Now that three players can advance from each pool, it will not only cut down on the amount of times a double jeopardy takes place, it will also add variety to the higher tiers of the brackets! Top 16 essentially becomes Top 24 and Top 32 becomes Top 48. And like before, players will take each other on until only eight of them remain, at which point they will proceed to Top 8.

Combo Breaker 2017 will be the first event to introduce this change to their bracket system. To learn more, read up on this explanation from CB’s Tournament Director, CurlingW a.k.a. Max Wasserman.

If this idea excites you, you’ll want to start making plans! Combo Breaker 2017 comes to the Mega Center in Illinois on May 26-28, 2017! The venue will be open twenty-four hours a day, for all three days of the weekend! Visit here to register online!

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