Counter Logic Gaming Has a New Director of Business Development

Say hello to John Spiher, the brand new Director of Business Development for Counter Logic Gaming. Check out the hello video below.

As the video stated, Spiher was previously the marketing director for DXRacer, a line of ergonomic chairs that became most popular among gamers.  It was there that he “worked on product development, oversaw trade show activations, and worked with various partners and content creators.” Spiher is also currently an active member of Gamers Outreach as their Program Director, previously a Public Relations Manager.

“We are confident that John has the experience and drive to help grow Counter Logic Gaming into the best eSports organization in the world.”

What does a Director of Business Development do exactly? Well, Spiher will be responsible for working with partners and sponsorships for CLG, also he will be in charge of brand development for the organization and players. Not only that, but he is also will be running and developing a new online store for CLG fans.

While there is plenty for him to do, one of the major things that he claims to want to work on is merchandising. In the video, Spiher talks about how many companies fall short on quality, designs, and unique gear that their fans require and he wants to change that aspect for CLG. Another thing he wants to focus on is content, which is something that he thinks has definitely been lacking. Regardless of his goals, one thing is certain: John Spiher is very excited to be working for Counter Logic Gaming.

“I’m honored to be part of the Counter Logic Gaming family. We have so many exciting products and experiences for our fans in the coming months. The real golden age starts now.”


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