Civil War Interviews with C9 Ally and ZeRo

Not long ago, the eSports Arena served as the battleground for an event that has immeasurable support from the Smash 4 community. One of the tournament’s main attractions was the team battle directed by two of the biggest names from the Smash scene: C9 Ally and ZeRo.

It’s been over a week since the event came to its conclusion, but many lament its ending, and understandably so. Of course, the Smash community has another Smash-centric tournament coming up in Orlando two weeks from today, specifically CEO Dreamland (read more about it here), so they will not have to wait long to relive the hype. Whether it will match up to Civil War or not is at your discretion.

Anyway, while Civil War ran its course, Ally and ZeRo were pulled aside to impart their thoughts on the event that is so dearly loved by their scene. Take a moment to listen to what the duo have to say as you look back on one of their community’s greatest experiences.

Ally’s Interview

ZeRo’s interview

Missed out on Civil War? Well, there’s nothing quite like experiencing an event rather than watching it, but tournament footage is available for you to sink your teeth into. Here’s a clip of the Grand Finals to get you started!

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