Circa Smash Cup begins August 18th! Sign up now!

Weeks ago, our friends at Circa eSports disclosed their plans to host the Circa Smash Cup, a monthly competition where Smash Wii-U players can participate online for $100 in cash prizes!

This event is a byproduct of the numerous Smash Wii-U streams hosted by a majority of the Circa crew. Once they took note of each other’s efforts, they decided to pool them together to create an opportunity for players to build up their reputations in the hopes of making a mark in one of the biggest esports titles known to the FGC.

Should you have an interest in competing, visit to submit your registration. Entry is completely free. The first bracket will commence at 9 P.M. Eastern Time tomorrow night and will run through to Sunday, the 19th.

Events will be overseen by Circa Bearrick along with a majority of his crew. Every month, the brackets will be commentated by different Circa representatives. All broadcasts will be hosted at Circa’s StreamMe channel, so we recommend following it and making sure that your email notifications are enabled so that you’ll be notified when they go live.

Obviously, all brackets will be run online on the Nintendo Wii-U. Make sure to have your friend codes at the ready. Good luck to all players!

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