Circa eSports signs Forever King!

Today, Circa eSports LLC signs the man recognized as the best Batman player since the days of Injustice 1 – Forever King!

Throughout his previous years in the FGC, Forever King amassed a collection of achievements that would forever mark his place in fighting game history. It was this consistency that originally attracted the attention of Team Yomi back when MKX was launched in 2015. Since then, he would go on to place in numerous Top 8s and even win major events such as Summer Jam and The Fall Classic, where he took out titans such as Sonic Fox and his own YOMI teammates.

As far as Injustice goes, Forever King practically set the bar high for his fellow Batman players. Before he began widening his roster for competitive play, he took his Dark Knight to one Top 8 after another, eventually winning Kumite in Tennessee 2014 in the process. For a time, he was signed by the KIT crew after his big victory at their home turf, before Yomi was born.

So it is only natural that King would seek to add to his achievements now that Injustice 2 is around the corner. For those who are not aware, he has begun flooding his YouTube channel with high-level gameplay videos featuring other noteworthy competitors. As an example, check out his exhibition with YOMI Michaelangelo from the Injustice 2 Online Beta.

Congratulations to Forever King for this opportunity from Circa eSports! We also salute Circa for the decision to bring him on board in preparation for Injustice 2’s launch.

We encourage you to follow these links below to stay in touch with King and his new home in the FGC.

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