Captain Cold, Bane and Flash coming to the Watchtower this week!

This Wednesday, NRS returns to the Watchtower!

Notice from the image below that cracks are surrounding the Watchtower logo from the edges…almost like the picture is made of ice.

Shortly after the Watchtower was announced on the InjusticeGame account, creative director Ed Boon took to Twitter to drop the names of three characters that will be showcased on stream this Wednesday! See below for his post.

It’s pretty easy to see that the word “chill” hints towards a showcase for Captain Cold – if the picture of the Watchtower logo on ice was not enough for a clue, that is. The other two words in capital letters speak for themselves.

Make sure to tune in at 3 P.M. CST this Wednesday!

If you missed out on the ice-wielder’s reveal as well as Scarecrow’s, read this article. Additionally, follow this blog and the pages below so you don’t miss out on news for Injustice 2!

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