Capcom Pro Tour Results from May 19-21, 2017

If you’re following the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 season, four events have just reached their conclusion this past weekend. One was held online for part of Latin America whereas the other three took place in Vietnam, Germany and Canada.

Results for each bracket have been shared via the Capcom Fighters Twitter, so we’ll link all of them here for you to check out if you didn’t get to catch the live broadcasts.

Capcom Pro Tour Online Ranking Event – Latin America #2

The second online ranking event for Latin America ran its course last weekend. 226 players connected from a handful of regions to slug it out for a shot at ranking points which would improve their standings on the CPT Regional Leaderboards. In the end, we saw a Brazilian Grand Finals between F3 Brolynho and AAG Didimokof. As Brolynho came from Loser’s, he was required to win two three-of-five sets whereas Didimokof only needed to take one set.

Much to Didimokof’s surprise, however, Brolynho’s Necalli left him without an answer for not one, but two sets in a row! After a lengthy Grand Finals, Brolynho won 6-1 (3-0 in the first set and 3-1 in the second) to take home 160 league points!

As per the rules for CPT Online, the Top 16 will receive league points depending on their placing. Below are the full results.

Looking to compete in the CPT Online League? Head to their Smash.GG page, find the bracket that targets your region, and sign up! Entry is free and open to players who are at least thirteen years of age.

FFM Rumble 10

Over at Frankfurt, Germany, Necalli continues to devour the souls of his enemies thanks to the efforts of Bx3 Phenom, who was recently crowned champion of FFM Rumble 10! His road consisted of threats such as Problem X, Mister Crimson, Big Bird and Ryan Hart, a handful of which made it to last year’s Capcom Cup.

At first, Phenom saw a rough start in Grand Finals. Up until the fifth game, their scores were always eloped in a stalemate, but he eventually completed the download and got the upper edge against Problem X to win 3-2. But as Phenom came from Loser’s Bracket, he had a second set to wade through, and he did so almost effortlessly, defeating Problem X a second time without dropping a single game. As FFM Rumble 10 is also a ranking event, the Top 16 will be gifted with league points for the CPT Regional Leaderboards, as follows:

You can catch Phenom at the Salle Wagram in Paris this Saturday as he’ll be competing against fifteen other Street Fighter V pros in the Red Bull Kumite invitational! For more details, check out this article.

Saigon Cup 2017

At Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, RB Bonchan practically flew through the Saigon Cup to acquire his third consecutive win in the Capcom Pro Tour. Events he’d previously won are The Colosseum 2017 and Battle Arena Melbourne 9, the latter being Australia’s CPT Premier Event. His character Nash had previously been written off due to his Season 2 nerfs, but now the player base is taking a closer look at him to discover what they may have overlooked as per inspiration from Bonchan.

Another handful of competitors from the Capcom Cup 2016 bracket were also present at the Saigon Cup, such as Echo Fox Tokido, RISE Marn, Humanbomb, Kazunoko and so on. Against such killers, Bonchan had to play mental chess like never before to pull off his biggest triumph yet. With his victory at BAM9, he’s all but locked in for this year’s Capcom Cup, yet he continues to improve his standings on the Global Leaderboards, point by point.

Without dropping a single set, Bonchan took down XiaoBao 3-0 to close out Grand Finals in a dramatic display of victory. Points have been distributed to the Top 16 as a result of their placings for the Saigon Cup – see below!

Like Phenom, Bonchan will also be making an appearance in the Red Bull Kumite invitational at Paris! Wish him the best of luck, it’s going to be a rough hill to climb!

Toryuken 6

The fourth ranking event of the weekend, Toryuken 6, took place in Toronto, Canada. A portion of America’s strongest competitors flocked to the northernmost region of North America to nab themselves some league points for the Capcom Pro Tour. Included among these players were OrangeMan (seen in StreamMe’s Savage Series last January), Splyce Fchamp, EG K-Brad, RIZE Mcsquared2, OG Shine and Echo Fox’s Justin Wong!

The battle would be part of a recipe for a Marvel vs Capcom match-up, as Justin Wong’s Karin would take on three different characters from Flash: Urien, Rashid and Vega, all of which are forces to be reckoned with in Season 3. What added to the pressure was the fact that Justin had previously been dropped into Loser’s, meaning that he’d need to outplay his opponent two sets in a row to finish. As such, Justin felt it was time to break out the Wong Factor!

After dropping only one game in Grand Finals, Justin picked apart Flash’s tendencies and defeated him in spite of the rapid changes in characters. This marks the first occasion where he has won a ranking event in the Capcom Pro Tour this year! Congratulations to Justin Wong for bringing home a trophy for his Echo Fox family!

Top 16 at Toryuken 6 have been awarded league points as follows:

Shout-outs to all corners of the Capcom community for such phenomenal play at four CPT ranking events! The Grand Finals clip has been included with the recaps for each event, but you can check out the full playlists at the CPT website’s videos page if you want to study up on all of the matches. Additionally, standings for the CPT leaderboards have been updated.

Fans of Street Fighter V will want to be on the lookout for another handful of high-quality events taking place this weekend, including the ELEAGUE Top 8 finals in Atlanta! More information will be released in a future article, so stay tuned to this blog for the update!

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