Canal Group And Vivendi Partner Up With ESL

Vivendi (an integrated media and content group), the Canal Group (leading provider of premium channels), and ESL (the world leader in organizing esports events) announced today a major partnership between the three giants.

This partnership was made in hope to provide a launch of the first official esports leagues in France based on the existing ESL Championnat National. Under the new partnership, these competitions will reach a whole new level and be shown on the Canal Group channels. This was all done to try and get the French players more recognition in the international playing filled as well. The new national league will help the French pro-gamers to stand out and compete against the best teams in international competitions held around the world by ESL. The French play are unfortunately overlooked but by powering up their national league this should take their international ranks a bit more serious.

So here is a short break down of how these three companies on on doing this. ESL is the world’s largest esports company and a leader in organizing tournaments and leagues across the most popular game franchises. There viewers and fans span from 12,000+ online to 36+ stadium-filling during events. This can bring together tens of millions more  both on-site and online.

Now, Canal Group and ESL will join forces for the development and promotion of esports in France. The two can do this by “co-organizing in the country’s major international events as part of the leading global circuit.” The full objective here is to “strengthen the role of France as a key country in the international esports circuit” and this will (hopefully) bring new excitement, and new fans, to the local eSports community.

This leaves Vivendi to provide support to this initiative. They do this with their companies Universal Music Group, which deals everything music from CD sales to Venues, and with Dailymotion, which is one of the biggest video content distribution platforms in the world. These two companies owned by Vivendi alone shows how ESL and Canal can us a nonstop source of public and internet awareness for their new French teams.

Canal Group is already a sponsor of Team Vitality, one of the better known French professional teams regularly present in the most prestigious world competitions. The idea is to get Vitality and more teams like them into the international ring.

Including the announcement of the partnership, Canal Group has also revealed the launch on its channel, Canal eSports Club.

“A new TV show entirely devoted to the esports phenomenon and its champions. A special documentary on esports, Game Fever, which will be broadcasted on October 26th.

“Canal Group will also be the first major national broadcaster present at the Paris Games Week from October 27th-31st.”


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