Brand New Overwatch Event Coming Next Week

With 2017 well on its way for the American calendar, we shouldn’t forget our fellows from the East and their New Year. This year it will ring in the Year of the Rooster it falls on January 28th. Leave it to Blizzard to know exactly how to celebrate.

That’s right, the next Overwatch in-game event has been announced.

Blizzard announced today that a Year of the Rooster event will begin on January 24th. This was revealed with a Twitter video with the caption, “Good luck and great fortune await!”

D.Va is also apparently getting a new skin for the event, at least according to Overwatch’s Korean Twitter (which you can see below).

Unfortunately, there is still no word on what’s included with the new Overwatch event, other than the Mei and D.Va. Overwatch Year of the Rooster event is mostly likely going to be similar to past events, such as the Halloween and Christmas ones. some characters will have new skins and other will have just sprays or winning poses or even new voice lines.

Best part about this, the Year of the Rooster may not be Overwatch‘s only new event coming in the next month. Next month is Valentine’s Day and since this is a pretty big holiday that was made up and everyone seems to hate, why not celebrate by playing Overwatch. This is all coming from a leak pointed to the possibility of Valentine’s Day event. Unfortunately this is also not confirmed yet.

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