Brackets, Commentators and Schedule for @EVO 2017

UPDATED: Stream schedule for EVO 2017 is now available for review. Check it out here.

Where has the time gone?!

Welcome to EVO week! That’s right – starting this Friday, the FGC celebrates its annual championship tournament at Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay, where history was made with EVO’s first broadcast on global television. Although it has yet to be confirmed if a broadcast will happen again this year, you’ll still have the means to stay updated should you be unable to attend.

For starters, the brackets were completed and launched for review last week. Competitors will want to glimpse through them to get an idea of the path they must walk.

Visit to find the finalized brackets. They will be listed under the Attendants and Events tabs, though we recommend using the latter for an easier route to pools.

Who will commentate all games in the EVO lineup? Up to fifty-nine casters have been chosen to take up the role of keeping all viewers informed about the action – see below for the complete list!

And of course, perhaps the most important piece of information for just about everyone excited for EVO regardless of their status as a traveler or a spectator…the tournament schedule! Taken from the EVO Shoryuken website, you can find the complete schedule below.

The event will feature a variety of celebrations mixed with perhaps the most stacked brackets ever seen in the FGC. If you’ll be in Vegas on Thursday, consider visiting the Moorea Beach Club for a pre-event party that’s bound to leave you soaked (from sweat or water). It’s free to attend! Another party to celebrate the aftermath of EVO will happen at 10 P.M. PST on Sunday after the finals reach their conclusion – this one is also free to attend. Both are brought to you by the guys over at Red Bull Esports.

Want to get some tournament-level practice in before the big weekend comes? See this post for details on a pre-EVO event to be held at the Press Start Gaming Center, located three miles east of Mandalay Bay!

If your interests lie in other areas of entertainment, such as art and cosplays, a map of the “community artist alley” at Mandalay Bay has been drawn up and released by Mr Wizard. Check it out!

What’s especially important to note is that your EVO registration does not cover your attendance for the Sunday finale. You will need to purchase a separate ticket for a seat at the Mandalay Bay arena. To do so, please visit the AXS website. Pricing ranges from $48.00 to $97.00.

Are you ready for EVO?! We know we are! Our Pop-Up Tour will be coming to the Mandalay Bay this weekend as well so we recommend following us on Twitter for updates! If you are unaware of what the Pop-Up Tour is, it features side tournaments for those seeking a second chance at glory with special conditions thrown in for its matches. See this post from Gauntlet.GG for more information.

As we count down to this Friday, we advise you to follow our blog and the pages below as we’ll be striving to provide coverage on the event as it unfolds.

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EVO Shoryuken Website
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