Brackets and Schedules for #CEOtaku and #SCR2017

How the time flies, doesn’t it? This weekend, a pair of events will erupt over at both sides of the United States!

One of these events caters specifically to the anime portion of the FGC – CEOtaku 2017. Brought to you by Mr. Alex Jebailey, CEOtaku brings together anime enthusiasts for the sake of competitionĀ andĀ enjoyment in all forms, such as cosplays, art displays, and more! As part of the Community Effort Orlando brand, it will take place at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando.

Players planning to attend CEOtaku can check out the Twitter post below to review the brackets in their current form. Please be advised that these are not considered final until on-site registration has closed. All brackets will begin this Saturday at 10:00 A.M. Eastern Time.

Should any competitors note any issues with their pools, they are free to use the feedback form in the post above.

For any players or spectators looking to plan out their day, Mr. Jebailey has provided a finalized schedule below.

CEOtaku 2017 is considered the end point of the Burst League’s first season. The winners of each game in the Burst League will be flown out to Orlando this weekend to take part in the competition. Additionally, Xcel BjornsonofBear will join the arena as a reward for his flawless victory (shout-outs to you Mortal Kombat fanatics!) in the second season of our competitive Guilty Gear circuit, the Overdrive Series!

Details on a post-season invitational for the Anime FGC are expected to surface soon, so we recommend tuning in to CEOtaku when it happens! We’ll update you when we learn more.

Now for the other event! FGC enthusiasts from the West Coast will converge at the Anaheim Convention Center to participate in SoCal Regionals 2017! Held once a year, the event celebrates the origins of the fighting game community by featuring a variety of arcade cabinets that house timeless classics from the fighting game genre! It also celebrates the modern generation of the genre in style, featuring a high-quality stage and an expansive ballroom that will house all of its tournaments.

In addition to the primary lineup, DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT will be featured at the event! Players will be able to partake in team exhibitions and win a variety of prizes, or they can simply enjoy free casuals. For more information, please see this post.

Brackets for SoCal Regionals are now live for public review. However, like with CEOtaku, these will not be finalized until on-site registration has closed. Check ’em out!

Should you have any concerns about the pool assignments, send a post over to the LevelUpSeries Twitter account! Your voices will be heard.

In addition to the brackets, the event schedule for SCR 2017 has also gone live. Again, times are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers. You can either view it via the Twitter post below or hit up this link.

Both SCR and CEOtaku will be the first large-scale events to feature Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, which finally arrived to the FGC this week! Naturally, players will be curious about the rulesets for Marvel. See below to learn more.

Both organizers have made it clear that they are open to making changes as necessary. Their goal is to develop a ruleset that brings all players to an even playing field as best as possible. Keep following the competitive action for Marvel to see what changes come about!

SoCal Regionals will be affiliated with the following circuits:

  • Capcom Pro Tour 2017 – CPT league points can be won by those participating in Street Fighter V. This is a ranking event.
  • Tekken World Tour – TWT league points can be won by those participating in Tekken 7. This is a ranking event.
  • Battle for the Stones – an Infinity Stone and a spot in the season finale will be the ultimate prizes for those participating in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite!
  • Pokken Arena Circuit – as a paid double elimination bracket will be run at SCR, Pokken Tournament DX players can win circuit points by placing in the Top 8.

Two events…where the pride of players is at stake. Two events…where the fighting game genre will be celebrated. Two events…where upsets will shake the community to their foundation. Two events…that deliver HYPE. Get ready for an action-packed weekend!

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