Another addition to the community of tag fighters is on its way! Shortly after today’s Blazblue Central Fiction finals at EVO 2017, we got the opportunity to watch a trailer showing off a project from ArcSystemWorks that is currently in development.


The game appears to be partly inspired by the presentation for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. As multiple universes collide with one another, anime-styled characters will fight one another in tag combat using team-based mechanics. The game features characters from Blazblue (Ragna), Persona 4 Ultimate Arena (Yu), Under Night In-Birth (Hyde) and a brand-new cast member from an American anime-style series called RWBY, Ruby Rose!

When designing a crossover title for fighting games, developers usually have to come to an agreement on which game’s mechanics would be the most appropriate to use. However, given the title of the game as well as the presentation, it doesn’t seem questionable to assume that Blazblue’s engine will be used.

The trailer can be seen below and in the Twitter post linked above.

As far as the release date goes, only one detail about it was shared with the FGC at large…we can expect to get our hands on the game some time next year. As for its platforms, the video’s description explicitly states that it will “arrive on console” next year, but will it be for the PS4 and Xbox One, or just one of the two?

To coincide with this surprise, Jubei has been revealed as an incoming addition to the roster for Blazblue: Central Fiction! See this article to watch Jubei’s trailer.

Updates will be provided as we learn more. Until then, what do you make of this amazing reveal?! Let us know on Twitter – and be sure to follow the pages listed below!

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