Black Manta available for Early Access as of today!

Note: Image is credited to the InjusticeGame Twitter account.

DC enthusiasts, if you’ve purchased your copy of Fighter Pack 2 for Injustice 2, you’ll be among the players getting early access to the first of three new characters coming to the game – Black Manta!

Owners of either the second Fighter Pack or Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2 can enjoy playing as Atlantis’s mortal enemy starting today. For those who own neither, the character will be open to the entire player base on September 19th. Like with all other characters, Black Manta can be purchased individually for $5.99.

Those residing in Europe, unfortunately, will have to wait a day longer before they are given early access to Black Manta.

In addition to Black Manta, Raiden and Hellboy will be released via the second Fighter Pack in the near future. Details on their gameplay reveals remain scarce at this time.

To purchase either the Ultimate Edition or second Fighter Pack, visit the links below:

Ultimate Edition – Playstation Store
Ultimate Edition – Xbox Store
Fighter Pack 2 – Playstation Store
Fighter Pack 2 – Xbox Store

Injustice 2 is available for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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