Black Canary joins the Injustice 2 cast + BETA UPDATE TODAY.

Earlier today, the Injustice 2 team dropped a gameplay trailer on the Internet revealing the next new addition to their roster – Black Canary!

You’ll want to check it out right now, so we will not keep you. Check out the trailer now and take it all in!

The NRS team doesn’t intend to just leave you with a trailer today, either. Mr. Boon has also announced that the Injustice 2 Online Beta will be receiving an update later in the day! This update will come with another playable character, and given the hint…it’s apparently Blue Beetle. See below.

If that is not a dead giveaway, we do not know what is.

For those who signed up for a beta code but have yet to receive one, you’ll get another chance today, because another wave of codes will be hitting emails at random. Keep checking your accounts, you may just get lucky!

Source: Ed Boon’s Twitter