BH @AMurderofBears wins Overdrive Series Week 3!

For the third week in a row, Blue Hurricane’s BjornSonOfBear wins the Overdrive Series!

Exactly like with Week 2, we see an equal spread of returning faces and new challengers. Even more interesting is that all of the returning faces have entered this Top 8 from the Winner’s side while the new blood fills up Loser’s Bracket. As the bracket progresses, the new blood eventually collides with the veterans.

Bear and TSB Mynus meet once again in Winner’s Final. The set is competitive, but Mynus suffers a loss and is dropped into Loser’s Final where he is ultimately eliminated by the lone wolf, doren2k. Doren then proceeds to the Grand Final to take on Bear. He succeeds in taking a match from the reigning champion, but Bear applies a dramatic readjustment to his gameplay to pull back ahead and win 3-1.

The question must be asked now…is there anyone that can put an end to Bear’s streak?! Whoever it is, they have only one week left to pull it off!

Final Results

1st – BH BjornSonOfBears
Prizes: 300 league points

2nd – doren2k
Prizes: 250 league points

3rd – TSB Mynus
Prizes: 225 league points

4th – FF ElvenShadow
Prizes: 200 league points

5th – VogueKun
Prizes: 175 league points

5th – zenzen
Prizes: 175 league points

7th – destin
Prizes: 150 league points

7th – imnotasandwich
Prizes: 150 league points

Match Log

Winner’s Semifinals

BH BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. zenzen (Ky Kiske): 0

TSB Mynus (I-No): 3 vs. VogueKun (Kum Kaehyun): 2

Loser’s Bracket

Destin (Dizzy): 2 vs. ElvenShadow (Faust): 3

(due to a DQ for imnotasandwich, doren2k advances to Loser’s Quarterfinals)

Loser’s Quarterfinals

zenzen (Ky Kiske): 0 vs. doren2k (Jam Kuradoberi): 3

Voguekun (Kum Kaehyun): 1 vs. ElvenShadow (Faust): 3

Loser’s Semifinals

doren2k (Jam Kuradoberi): 3 vs. ElvenShadow (Faust): 0

Winner’s Finals

BH BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. TSB Mynus (I-No): 0

Loser’s Finals

TSB Mynus (I-No): 1 vs. doren2k (Jam Kuradoberi): 3

Grand Finals

BH BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. doren2k (Jam Kuradoberi): 1

If you missed out on the Overdrive Series Week 3 finals, you can watch our archive here.

With the completion of Week 3, the league standings have shifted once again. Please see below to learn who currently holds the top ten spots in the league standings.

From reviewing these rankings, BH BjornSonOfBear’s three-week streak has put him in a position where he’s pretty much already become the league winner. Because the maximum amount of points one can earn each week is 300, there is only one possibility that might threaten to offset his achievement: if he were to be absent for Week 4, TSB Mynus can tie with Bear for first place as long as he wins Week 4. On the other hand, if Bear shows up next week and wins any match at all, he’s good to go.

If Mynus should achieve the near-impossible scenario of forcing Bear to share the crown, it is more than likely that a tie-breaker match will occur to determine who will become the Overdrive Series champion. Stay tuned!

Keep in mind that the league winner will receive a fully paid trip to this year’s Evolution championship at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada! Guilty Gear XrD Revelator (with possibly the Revelator 2 update applied) will return to the World Stage alongside its sibling Blazblue: Central Fiction. Given its amazing display last year, we fully expect to see a handful of regions representing its community!

Join us next week for the conclusion to the Overdrive Series, brought to you by LevelUpLive and StreamMe! If you are at least thirteen years of age and you live in North America, visit here to sign up for Week 4!

We would like to thank NerdJosh and Rynge_ for joining us on commentary this week! Please be sure to give them a follow on Twitter!

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