BH @AMurderOfBears wins Overdrive Series Week 2!

We are happy to bring you the Week 2 results for the Overdrive Series, brought to you by Stream.Me and LevelUpLive!

Half of the Top 8 consists of players who’d previously qualified for the finals last week, but the second half is full of newcomers who pose just as much of a threat. Among the familiar faces is BH BjornSonOfBear, last week’s winner. This time around, he starts from the Loser’s half of the bracket.

But this does nothing to deter his momentum. Of all his matches, he drops only one game to Voguekun and TSB Mynus each. He’d storm his way back to Grand Finals to overcome SUGOI Munsu six matches straight and become our Week 2 champion!

Final Results

1st – BH BjornSonOfBears
Prizes: 300 league points

2nd – SUGOI Munsu
Prizes: 250 league points

3rd – zenzen
Prizes: 225 league points

4th – TSB Mynus
Prizes: 200 league points

5th – VogueKun
Prizes: 175 league points

5th – Foo
Prizes: 175 league points

7th – Papa Leo
Prizes: 150 league points

7th – Demonik
Prizes: 150 league points

Match Log

Winner’s Semifinals

Voguekun (Kum Kaehyun): 1 vs. zenzen (Ky Kiske): 3

TSB Mynus (I-No): 2 vs. SUGOI Munsu (Elphelt): 3

Loser’s Bracket

Foo (Kum Kaehyun) 3 vs. Papa Leo (Leo Whitefang): 0

Demonik (Chipp Zanuff): 0 vs. BH BjornSonofBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3

Loser’s Quarterfinals

TSB Mynus (I-No) 3 vs. Foo (Kum Kaehyun): 0

Voguekun (Kum Kaehyun): 1 vs. BH BjornSonofBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3

Loser’s Semifinals

BH BjornSonofBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. TSB Mynus (I-No): 1

Winner’s Finals

zenzen (Ky Kiske): 0 vs. SUGOI Munsu (Elphelt): 3

Loser’s Finals

BH BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. zenzen (Ky Kiske): 0

Grand Finals Set 1

BH BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. SUGOI Munsu (Elphelt): 0

Grand Finals Set 2

BH BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. SUGOI Munsu (Elphelt): 0

Congratulations to Blue Hurricane’s BjornSonOfBear for becoming our two-time champion! This consistency puts him in an extremely comfortable position in the league standings, as he now leads the rest of the competition at six-hundred points! The completion of Week 2 puts us at a half-time period, meaning that we have another two weeks to plow through before we decide on the player to be sent out to Evolution 2017!

Didn’t get to watch the competition? Not to worry, that is what archives are for! In this case, though, it’s been split into two links. Check out both of them below.

Overdrive Series Week 2, Top 8, Part 1
Overdrive Series Week 2, Top 8, Part 2

With Week 2 completed, our Overdrive Series rankings have been updated…see below.

As stated earlier, BjornSonOfBear is sitting in a comfortable position. However, should he fail to appear in Week 3, or if he appears but does not place high enough to earn a substantial amount of points, then the players ranked from 2nd to 6th could overtake him by winning Week 3. If Blaze or Voguekun were to place second, chances are they could tie with Bear for 1st place, while Munsu could take the lead just by placing in the Top 8. At this point in the league, it’s still anyone’s game!

Missed out on the Week 1 results? You can read about them here.

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Thanks go out to OctoPimp and Rynge for providing commentary! We’ll be joined by the duo again next Monday for Week 3’s preliminaries. If you play Guilty Gear XRD on PC, there’s still time for you to join the competition and throw us for a loop! Visit this page to sign up for Week 3!

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