AW @GOOD_NEMO becomes the Red Bull Kumite 2017 Champion!

A new champion has been crowned at the Salle Wagram!

The Red Bull Kumite is a sixteen-man invitational event that showcases a phenomenal level of play in Paris every year. Fourteen players would be hand-picked by Red Bull to attend while the last two would be required to overcome an Open Bracket in order to get into the finals. Verdoyance and JacvinJack were successful in nabbing those two spots, only to be forced to fight one another in the first round of the finals the next day before facing an early elimination.

After entering Loser’s Bracket in the first round, Daigo Umehara’s Guile ascended to a level of destruction that far surpassed all of his previous showings in tournament play. He practically mauled Tokido’s Akuma and then Phenom’s Necalli with such unrestrained aggression, much to the crowd’s shock. Bonchan soon joined the growing pile of corpses and Daigo found himself facing the United Kingdom’s XL Infexious, a competitor also on the rise. The two demonstrated a fierce tug ‘o war in their set until Daigo’s aggression was finally quelled, resulting in his elimination at fourth place.

Gachikun and AW Nemo demonstrated a level of consistency that guided them through¬†Winner’s Bracket and into Winner’s Finals. However, despite the fact that he dented Gachikun’s record with a loss, Nemo found himself overwhelmed by Rashid’s aggression. His defeat dropped him into Loser’s Finals where he was quickly reduced to an 0-2 deficit against XL Infexious, who looked quite prepared to “devour-our-our” his prey. But as the set progressed, Infexious became so focused on the ground game that he was unprepared to control Nemo’s aerial approach. The fact he kept dashing right into well-spaced normals did not help his case, either.

Nemo’s adaptation ensured his comeback to take Loser’s Finals 3-2. But no sooner had an all-Japanese Grand Finals started did he lose the first round by a Perfect K.O. from Gachikun. The set’s opening matches appeared to follow the same course as Winner’s Finals, until a switch was flipped in Nemo. Despite getting tagged repeatedly in the neutral, Nemo did not abandon his gameplan and was even bold enough to challenge Rashid with wake-up buttons, including his V-triggers. In a battle of wills, Gachikun eventually faltered before his adversary.

After his first loss, Nemo claimed six consecutive victories to win both Grand Finals sets and become the Red Bull Kumite 2017 Champion!

Winner’s Finals

Gachikun (Rashid): 3 vs. AW Nemo (Urien): 1

Loser’s Finals

XL Infexious (Necalli): 2 vs. AW Nemo (Urien): 3

Grand Finals Set 1

Gachikun (Rashid): 1 vs. AW Nemo (Urien): 3

Grand Finals Set 2

Gachikun (Rashid): 0 vs. AW Nemo (Urien): 3

Tournament Placings

1st Place: AW Nemo
2nd Place: Gachikun
3rd Place: XL Infexious
4th Place: Daigo Umehara
5th Place: RB Bonchan and RZR Infiltration
7th Place: Bx3 Phenom and Xyzzy
9th Place: Hado JacvinJack, Echo Fox Tokido, Qanba Douyu Xiao Hai and CYG PR Balrog
13th Place: RB Luffy, RB, MD Mister Crimson and Crazy Verdoyance

Our sincerest congratulations go out to AW Nemo! He’ll be taking home the Red Bull Kumite trophy as well as a brand-new Acer laptop as rewards for his achievements. Every match from start to finish has been a gift for the SFV community to be thrilled about.

With the Kumite finals completed, the Red Bull Proving Grounds will resume this weekend with their final qualifiers for the Spring Season, which will set the stage for the finals in Santa Ana, California. More information will be released in a future post soon.

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