“Atlantis’s Most Wanted!” – Black Manta Combo Video by BxA Jackal

In case you’ve missed it, owners of Fighter Pack 2 or the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2 have been given early access to Black Manta this week. He’ll be available for all players next Tuesday, September 19th.

Are you making an effort to pick up this character? If you’ve no idea of where to start, Broken Alliance’s Jackal is more than willing to light the way…that is, if exploding missiles and scorching death rays will make a passable substitute for a flashlight.

Check out his five-minute combo video featuring Atlantis’s deadliest foe!

As Jackal noted in a reply to F3 Sleep on his video page, these combos are not intended for practical use, but rather for entertainment, which is part of why he has the health bars and damage values disabled. Nevertheless, the beauty of combo videos is that they spark creativity in players aspiring to become skilled with specific characters. Try these out in the lab and see what you can come up with!

Thanks to BxA Jackal for sharing this creation. Be sure to follow and support him at the links below.

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