Assault Forfeits CWL Pro Points

Cloud9’s Adam “Assault” Garcia will be forfeiting every pro point he had been awarded at CWL Atlanta, MLG announced via social media.

While MLG merely stated their reasoning for the penalty as “serious violations of CWL code of conduct,” it is alleged that Assault quarreled with GosuCrew Blue’s Anthony “DraMa” Padilla after their match in round two. It is reported that the altercation occurred when Drama made offhanded remarks towards Cloud9 following their defeat.

“Due to serious violations of CWL code of conduct, Cloud9 player, Assault’s CWL Pro Points earned during the CWL Atlanta have been forfeited.”

Each player on Cloud9 received 3,000 CWL Pro Points for their performance, putting them in seventh place in the overall North American Call of Duty World League standings. While Assault’s points will be withdrawn, dropping the team’s collected points from 59,855 to 56,855, they will maintain their ranking. As things stand, they have a way to go if they plan to overtake Luminosity, who stands in sixth place with 9,755 more points than Cloud9. The team’s next opportunity to regain some of their lost footing will be the CWL Paris Open, which kicks off this weekend.

Currently, neither Assault or Cloud9 have yet released a comment regarding the matter.

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