Monster Hunter’s Gameplay Trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

As previously confirmed in this article, six DLC fighters will be added to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite throughout the remainder of 2017. Ultron Sigma and Panther will be the first to join the fight, and apparently Monster Hunter will be third in line, although her release date is unspecified at this time.

See below for an epic gameplay trailer that shows Monster Hunter in action!

The other three DLC characters confirmed to be coming to Marvel Infinite are Venom, Gill and Winter Soldier. All are expected to launch by the end of the year. The DLC characters will be released in pairs, but players can opt to purchase them separately if they so choose.

Monster Hunter has yet to release, but over at Tokyo Game Show 2017, she is available to play via MvCi setups at the Sony Playstation booth. We fully expect players to take to Twitter with analysis on the character once they’ve had an opportunity to try her out.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is now available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam).

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Noctis enters the ring in DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT!

Over at the Tokyo Game Show 2017, a character reveal for DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT was dropped during Sony’s press conference. That character is the main protagonist of the recently released Final Fantasy XV – Noctis Lucis Caelum.

Below is a trailer showcasing gameplay from DISSIDIA. Included are brief clips of Noctis engaging in melee combat, with an occasional sword toss thrown in.

DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT is set to release on the Playstation 4 in January 2018, but players attending SoCal Regionals 2017 may get a chance to try out the game and Noctis this weekend. For more details, please see this article.

DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT was initially released for arcades back in November 2015. It is a 3D fighting game that utilizes action-based RPG elements mid-combat. Players compete against one another in the Final Fantasy universe, using teams of three characters in order to create unique strategies and amazing team-based interactions.

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Patch Notes for Version 2.78 of @Brawlhalla

Yesterday, Blue Mammoth Games implemented their next patch for their increasingly popular esports title, Brawlhalla. It’s the second patch to follow after the beginning of their next ranked season, Season 6.

The patch implements achievements for those playing the game on Steam. Players from the PS4 Beta (which is still ongoing) will receive a similar update later this week that brings trophies over to their copies of the game. In addition, there will be new audio clips tied to the user interface, networking adjustments to reduce frame drops, and an all-new Ragnarok Chest, which introduces a variety of character skins including three premium skins.

Read on for the full patch notes or click here to review the latest post at the developers’ blog.

New Ragnarök Chest!

The Ragnarök Chest has been discovered! This chest contains an assortment of 18 skins and three chest exclusive skins, which are:

  • Fenrir Mordex
  • Nidhogg Nai
  • Jotun Ulgrim

Enjoy The School Year!

The Back To School event has come to a close. You can still purchase the skins and avatars from this event for one extra week. Good luck at school this year!

Brawl of The Week – Platform King!

  • Stay on the red platform to score points as it moves around the map.
  • Four players.
  • Two minutes.
  • Highest score wins!  


  • Brawlhalla achievements on Steam are now live!
  • If you’ve previously met requirements for achievements related to Gold earned you will receive that achievement when receiving gold again.
  • If you’ve previously met requirements for achievements related to Account Level you will receive that achievement after your first online game.
  • If you’ve previously met requirements for achievements related to Legend Level you will receive that achievement after leveling up any Legend to level 5 or higher.
  • All other achievements will need to be earned anew.
  • Note: PS4 Trophies will be activated in a later patch.


  • Changed networking algorithm slightly so that delay will respond to lag spikes more quickly, but also they should clear up more quickly. You shouldn’t need to logout and back in to help clear up the effects of the lag spike. Please let us know how this affects you.

Keybinding Improvements

  • Num Lock Protection: PC players who rebind controls to number pad keys while Num Lock is on will also have those bindings mirrored to work in case the Num Lock key is accidentally pressed off during play.
  • For example, if you bind Primary Quick Attack to “NUM_1”, Secondary Quick Attack will automatically get bound to “End”. Likewise, binding Secondary Quick Attack to “NUM_1” will automatically bind Primary Quick Attack to “End”.
  • It will not work this way if Num Lock is off, however, so binding Primary Move Left to “Left” will not also bind Secondary Move Left to “NUM_4”.
  • This is done when you are setting bindings, so it will not be done retroactively. Any current custom keyboard bindings you have will not be affected by this change. You must rebind your controls if you want this to take effect.


  • New Dash sounds!
  • Button click audio feedback is now more prominent.
  • All UI screens now play feedback audio when a cursor moves and or makes a selection.
  • Added notification feedback audio for bottom left popup.
  • Added level roulette animation audio feedback to character select.
  • Added level selection audio feedback to character select.
  • Added Ready Banner and general Legend lock in audio feedback to character select.
  • Added audio feedback for login gold bonus screen.
  • Improved chest opening fanfare audio in store.
  • Refund item feedback audio added to the store.
  • Purchase feedback audio added to the store.
  • The purchase feedback view in the store will now play audio feedback for Legends.
  • The item view in the store will now play audio feedback for Legends.

New Legend Rotation

This week’s new Legend Rotation features Bodvar, Caspian, Diana, Jhala, Mirage, and Ulgrim.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that delayed Fast Fall after a Dash Jump if holding forward. (Credit: Diakou)
  • Fixed a bug causing UI sounds triggered by mouse interactions to play louder than ones triggered by keyboard and controller.
  • Fixed a bug in Training and the Powers Viewer where keyboard inputs while paused would all get saved and executed once the next frame was reached. It will now work the same as controllers do where only inputs that are still held when the next frame is reached are registered.

In other news, the Brawlhalla World Championships are just around the corner! Up to thirty-two of the world’s best Brawlhalla players will qualify to compete for a prize pool of $100,000 and the title of Brawlhalla World Champion! The event takes place on November 3-5 at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia.

An early schedule has been released for the event, for those wishing to plan their weekend out. Be advised that changes can be made at the discretion of the organizers.

Players can also go here to sign up for the Waterfall Brackets!

Brawlhalla is free to download and play on Steam right now. Those wishing to play the beta on the Playstation 4 console can either sign up here or purchase the Brawlhalla Founders Pack at the Playstation Store, which grants immediate access to the beta once it is downloaded. Price tag is $19.99.

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Teaser Trailer for #DragonballFighterZ Story Mode featuring Android 21!

The plot thickens in Dragonball FighterZ…

Last night, Bandai Namco released a trailer hinting towards the plot behind the game’s story mode. It includes glimpses at a multitude of characters, but the one that got everybody’s attention the most is the all-new Android 21, who has been confirmed to be an original character for the upcoming DBFZ fighting game.

When asked if Bandai Namco planned for the game to follow the storyline of the anime series, the company responded that they were venturing into unique territory as far as the lore was concerned, which would explain the return of several characters as well as the creation of Android 21, among other original characters that may yet be revealed.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think on Twitter!

Dragonball FighterZ will be available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on February 2018. You can visit here to pre-order either a Standard Edition or Collector’s Edition of the game. Both editions come with the following content:

  • Standard Edition: Two early unlockable characters (Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta) and two exclusive lobby avatars.
  • Collector’s Edition: A copy of DBFZ, a seven-inch Goku statue with exclusive “Manga Dimension” coloring, an exclusive steelbook, three art boards, and a CollectorZ box to house all of the items.

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Brackets and Schedules for #CEOtaku and #SCR2017

How the time flies, doesn’t it? This weekend, a pair of events will erupt over at both sides of the United States!

One of these events caters specifically to the anime portion of the FGC – CEOtaku 2017. Brought to you by Mr. Alex Jebailey, CEOtaku brings together anime enthusiasts for the sake of competition and enjoyment in all forms, such as cosplays, art displays, and more! As part of the Community Effort Orlando brand, it will take place at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando.

Players planning to attend CEOtaku can check out the Twitter post below to review the brackets in their current form. Please be advised that these are not considered final until on-site registration has closed. All brackets will begin this Saturday at 10:00 A.M. Eastern Time.

Should any competitors note any issues with their pools, they are free to use the feedback form in the post above.

For any players or spectators looking to plan out their day, Mr. Jebailey has provided a finalized schedule below.

CEOtaku 2017 is considered the end point of the Burst League’s first season. The winners of each game in the Burst League will be flown out to Orlando this weekend to take part in the competition. Additionally, Xcel BjornsonofBear will join the arena as a reward for his flawless victory (shout-outs to you Mortal Kombat fanatics!) in the second season of our competitive Guilty Gear circuit, the Overdrive Series!

Details on a post-season invitational for the Anime FGC are expected to surface soon, so we recommend tuning in to CEOtaku when it happens! We’ll update you when we learn more.

Now for the other event! FGC enthusiasts from the West Coast will converge at the Anaheim Convention Center to participate in SoCal Regionals 2017! Held once a year, the event celebrates the origins of the fighting game community by featuring a variety of arcade cabinets that house timeless classics from the fighting game genre! It also celebrates the modern generation of the genre in style, featuring a high-quality stage and an expansive ballroom that will house all of its tournaments.

In addition to the primary lineup, DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT will be featured at the event! Players will be able to partake in team exhibitions and win a variety of prizes, or they can simply enjoy free casuals. For more information, please see this post.

Brackets for SoCal Regionals are now live for public review. However, like with CEOtaku, these will not be finalized until on-site registration has closed. Check ’em out!

Should you have any concerns about the pool assignments, send a post over to the LevelUpSeries Twitter account! Your voices will be heard.

In addition to the brackets, the event schedule for SCR 2017 has also gone live. Again, times are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers. You can either view it via the Twitter post below or hit up this link.

Both SCR and CEOtaku will be the first large-scale events to feature Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, which finally arrived to the FGC this week! Naturally, players will be curious about the rulesets for Marvel. See below to learn more.

Both organizers have made it clear that they are open to making changes as necessary. Their goal is to develop a ruleset that brings all players to an even playing field as best as possible. Keep following the competitive action for Marvel to see what changes come about!

SoCal Regionals will be affiliated with the following circuits:

  • Capcom Pro Tour 2017 – CPT league points can be won by those participating in Street Fighter V. This is a ranking event.
  • Tekken World Tour – TWT league points can be won by those participating in Tekken 7. This is a ranking event.
  • Battle for the Stones – an Infinity Stone and a spot in the season finale will be the ultimate prizes for those participating in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite!
  • Pokken Arena Circuit – as a paid double elimination bracket will be run at SCR, Pokken Tournament DX players can win circuit points by placing in the Top 8.

Two events…where the pride of players is at stake. Two events…where the fighting game genre will be celebrated. Two events…where upsets will shake the community to their foundation. Two events…that deliver HYPE. Get ready for an action-packed weekend!

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Gamer’s Edition of Guinness World Records 2018 features @SonicFox5000!

With his victory at the Injustice 2 Pro Series finals, Echo Fox SonicFox has returned to glory as the world’s best player for Netherrealm Studios titles! His previous achievements at other IPS qualifiers, such as Viennality and Summer Jam, built a road of diamond that would guide Sonic to the crystalline trophy that awaited him in Los Angeles last weekend.

Of course, his achievements haven’t stopped there! Today, Sonic broke the news that he’d been featured in the Gamer’s Edition of the 2018 Guinness World Records!

He’d previously skyrocketed his way into the Guinness Records for dominating Injustice 1 and Mortal Kombat X since the midpoint of the decade, but to continue to attain this status is nevertheless a remarkable achievement matched only by very few others!

In his Twitter post above, you see images of SonicFox and his former teammate from Critical Reaction, Patrick Kelly, posing in costumes resembling the two most recognized heroes in the DC Universe: Batman and Superman. In the second image to the upper right, you see Sonic bearing the plaque that marks his entrance into the 2018 Guinness Records!

Below is a brief description detailing the achievement that beckoned the Fox back into the hall of fame, taken from their official website:

Highest-earning fighting videogames player
: USA hotshot Dominique “SonicFox” McLean has won more prize money competing in fighting games tournaments than any other pro gamer. As of 28 Apr 2017, he’d scooped an epic $306,197 (£244,149) competing in games such as Mortal Kombat X and the DC Comics fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us, according to e-Sportsearnings. For our photo-shoot, a bat-clad “SonicFox” squared up to his best pal, who was dressed up as Injustice combatant Superman.

You can pick up your copy of the Gamer’s Edition at the following list of websites, all of which will be linked here for your convenience:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Noble
  • BAM! Books-A-Million
  • Indiebound
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart

We send our sincerest congratulations to SonicFox for re-entering the Guinness World Records! Make sure to follow him and his sponsor, Echo Fox, on Twitter to show your support!

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Version 1.07 Update for @TEKKEN 7 has gone live!

The next update for Tekken 7 has just hit the Internet, according to an update over at the Steam community forums. It carries over the adjustments made in the Version N update to the game’s arcade version, albeit the changes are written with slightly different text.

Version 1.07 should be available for download the next time you boot up either your Playstation 4 or your PC’s Steam application. The update is expected to arrive to Xbox One shortly afterward, if it has not already done so by then.

We’ve linked the changes at the top of the page, but for your convenience, we will re-list them below.

Moveset adjustments (taken from the Steam forums)

Hwoarang – Rage Drive – Made a modification so that rage meter is spent when the third attack is executed instead of the second.
– Human Cannonball – Fixed an issue where Hwoarang sometimes can’t catch an opponent after he slides. 

Xiaoyu – During Phoenix – Opponents are now knocked back shorter distance when blocking this move.
・An opponent’s hit now becomes an aerial hit when it lands while guarding.

Bryan Fury – Snake Edge – Expanded the hit box.

Jack 7 – Rage Art – Expanded the hit box.

Dragnov – Clipping Sweep – Hit box is generated 2F later than before.
Pommel Swing – Hit box is generated 1F later than before.
While rising – Expanded the hit box.

Lili – Edelweiss – Expanded the hit box.

Leo – Gui Xi – Opponents are now knocked back shorter distance when blocking this move.
・Increased the recovery frame by 1F when the move is blocked and when the move whiffed.
・Increased the recovery frame by 4F when the move whiffed.

Lucky Chloe – Rage Drive – Rage drive While crouching・The first attack Opponents’ block stun is now increased by 8F.
・Hit box of the first attack now remains 1F longer.
・The opponent is now knocked back shorter distance when the first attack hits.
・An opponent’s block stun is increased by 7F when the 2nd attack is blocked.
・ Up Step While crouching・Hit box remains 1F longer.

Josie – Step in Tracer ・Expanded the hit box.
・Hit box remains 1F longer.

Gigas – Hell Crusher
During Goliath ・Hit box remains 2F longer.
Monster Axe ・Expand the hit box of 2nd attack.
Repelling Blast・Hit box remains 1F longer.

Kazumi – Crimson Dawn・Shorten the reach of first attack

Nina – Sideslip・Changed the status to crouching.
・Modified the collision to make it easier to land the attack.

Master Raven While crouching ・Expanded the hit box.
・Crouching status remains 8F longer.

Lee – Laser Edge Lee Somersault ・Modified the motion and now the character moves forward for more distance.
– Rear Cross Punch・Expanded the hit box.
– Grass Snake・Available to use this skill even entering as well.
– Twister Heel/While rising・Decreased the block stun by 2F.
・Modified the motion and the character moves forward for more distance.
– Silver Tail/While crouching・Fixed an issue where crouching status disappeared when inputting and transitioning to a stance.

Eddy – Rage drive – Increased the block stun by 7F when the first attack is blocked.

Eliza – Dark Blade Chaos・Improved the homing ability of the move.
– Dark Cannon – AirBorne Dark Cannon During jump・Increased the block stun by 3F.
– Rending Claw・Changed an opponent’s behavior when the move hits.

Tekken 7 is currently available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. The first DLC pack, which introduces the Ultimate Tekken Bowl feature and updates to the customization feature, is also open for purchase. A second DLC pack featuring the arrival of Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury series is set to arrive later this winter.

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Chasing the Cup returns with a new season!

After a hiatus that lasted almost two years, the NRS community returns to Machinima’s Chasing the Cup series. You’ve followed them on their journey to the second season of the ESL MKX Pro League, and now we’ll be taking an in-depth look at their quest to become the best Injustice 2 players in the world!

The series features a selection of top-level players, including one you’ve come to know and love since you saw his blue hat on television screens for the first time – Echo Fox Sonic Fox! He is joined by other NRS titans such as Kitana Prime, Noble Dragon, his fellow Echo Fox Theo, and more, as we recount their efforts at high-profile tournaments that were tied to the Injustice 2 Pro Series, which reached its conclusion in Hollywood last Sunday!

You’ve seen what happened on stage, but what about behind the curtains? Well, Chasing the Cup will bring you the answers to that question soon enough! You can check out the first three episodes on Machinima’s YouTube and at CW Seed’s website right now. More episodes are scheduled to follow on September 26th, as well as a finale to be aired only on CW Seed on October 3rd.

For your convenience, we’ve linked the first three episodes below. Enjoy!

Follow the accounts below to stay updated on Chasing the Cup!

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New MvCi Circuit Announced – “Battle for the Stones!”

An amazing announcement just surfaced at the pre-launch MvCi party in the Folsom Street Foundry in California! Those who have taken a competitive interest in the game will get the chance to compete in an all-new circuit that features a unique game-changer for all associated tournaments!

Welcome…to “Battle for the Stones!”

How will this work? The six Infinity Stones will be spread out across six offline tournaments. Winning these tournaments grants you not only an Infinity Stone but a spot in a special finale that will take place this December! The six events are as follows:

Here’s where things get interesting: the winner of each of these tournaments will be able to use their prize to actually alter the rules of Battle for the Stones! It’s not clear as to how drastic of an impact this change will cause, but merely the implication is enough to keep players on edge.

Alternatively, players unable to compete at any of the events listed above can participate in up to three online qualifiers (console unspecified but most likely going to be PS4). Each qualifier will award points to the players who place the highest in each bracket.

Once all nine events have come to a close, the six holders of the Infinity Stones will be invited to take part in a special sixteen-man bracket that will conclude the entire series. The other ten spots will be filled by the three highest ranked players from the online qualifiers…and the past seven Evolution champions for Marvel vs Capcom 3! What a plot twist!

The seven EVO champions to be invited to the event are as follows:

Who will be the nine brave souls to rise up and challenge these legends?! We’ll learn the identity of the first challenger this weekend at SoCal Regionals 2017, which is brought to you by LevelUp Productions! Make sure you tune in to witness the first of many brackets for Marvel Infinite!

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EG @NYChrisG wins the #CurlehFinale to become the @CurlehCircuit champion!

Last night, the Marvel community gathered in Las Vegas to deliver a climactic finish to the UMvC3 era, and what an end it was!

Thirty players were invited to the Downtown Grand to compete in the Curleh Finale, the endpoint to the Curleh Circuit. After a series of what was possibly the greatest matches ever seen in Marvel history, Evil Geniuses’s NYChrisG delivered a double dose of destruction to Splyce’s RyanLV to become the Curleh Finale champion!

Since Marvel’s induction into the Evolution championship series, the game has seen one unique champion after another. It wasn’t until 2016 that ChrisG would be crowned the EVO champion for Marvel at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Although RyanLV would seize the throne in 2017, ChrisG has taken vengeance at the Curleh Finale, becoming the final tournament champion for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Congratulations to Chris G for taking the win! See below for the full archive of the Curleh Finale’s Top 8, brought to you by Team Spooky!

The Curleh Circuit has been proudly brought to you by the Marvel community and SmashGG! With Marvel Infinite set to release tomorrow, they are already at work planning a second season that revolves around the franchise’s newest chapter! Tournament organizers planning to run Marvel Infinite at their events can contact SmashGG right now to request for their events to be included in the circuit.

A resounding “thank you” goes out to the Marvel community for delivering an amazing display to the FGC! We wish them all the best as they embark on their next adventure in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, which releases tomorrow for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms!

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