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StreamMe Community Interview with stealinbread

Welcome back to the StreamMe Community Interview series! We hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s Day last week!

For those who are latecomers to the series, we’ll catch you up on the basics. It’s a monthly series where we pull aside one of our own community members to ask them some questions regarding their history as a streamer and gamer inside and outside of StreamMe. It first launched in December when we interviewed Ryoki_F, and we followed up with another interview in January that featured cyberdemon531. Both articles will be linked with their names so that you can do some catching up and see how the process works.

For this month, we decided to sit down with stealinbread and have a quick discussion, one that we feel you will find enjoyable. Questions asked by the interviewer – that is to say, myself – will be written in bold for your convenience. Enjoy!

JagoBlake: For the first question we’ll start with the basics. Introduce yourself to the readers, please?

stealinbread: Hi everyone! I’m stealinbread. 26 years old, hailing from the deep south in the United States. I stream a variety of things here, mostly speedruns, but sometimes I casually play things too!

JagoBlake: Exactly what inspired your username?

stealinbread: There’s a big misconception, and everyone almost always guesses wrong.

Most people think “Temple of the Dog – I don’t mind stealin bread from the mouths of decadence”, but that isn’t where I got it.

I actually thought of it back in 2011 when I read Les Miserables, a book by Victor Hugo. Many people have seen the play or movie, not many have read the book. Les Mis features Jean Valjean, a man who, through a series of unfortunate events, gets imprisoned for 20 years for simply stealing a loaf of bread to feed himself. I thought that was really epic, so I rolled with it, and that’s been my username ever since.

JagoBlake: That sounds like quite the book. What genres typically capture your interest as a reader?

stealinbread: I’m wide open with my taste in books. High or Dark Fantasy, Historical Fiction, History! Modern Day thrillers with a touch of magic. Dystopian novels. Anything that tells a compelling story, one that has a struggle and insurmountable odds to overcome.

JagoBlake: You’ve got good taste. In any case, back to the subject of gaming: what compelled you to pick up a controller for the first time?

stealinbread: About 20 years ago, it was my 6th birthday. I got a Super Nintendo from my Dad, and it came with Super Mario Kart, and Super Mario World. I just played and played and played that thing, a lot. The rest is history, I would get a gameboy the following year with Pokemon Yellow, and I stuck with it! I still have my SNES today, in fact. It’s a timeless system really.

JagoBlake: As is the Sega Genesis I’ve got sitting among my collection. To think Nintendo and Sega were once rivals that would eventually team up like they do now…times sure change. What are your opinions on that?

stealinbread: The SNES vs Genesis war of the mid 90’s never was a thing that presently affected me as a kid, as just about everyone I grew up with was either all about Nintendo, or got a Playstation later when that came out.

However, I will say that although the SNES has a ton of all time classics, the Genesis has a bunch of undiscovered gems in addition to its classics. The fact that they are working together now and coming out with smash hits like Sonic Mania is a testament to what happens when you combine two titans of gaming history.

JagoBlake: Ahem, lemme just say this while the temptation is strong: SONIC MANIA 2 OR ELSE, SEGA! 😀

Sorry, back to the discussion. So if I were to guess, a console made by Nintendo would be your current favorite to use?

stealinbread: As far as retro systems go, you just can’t beat the SNES, n64, gamecube era. And even the 3DS today has a robust library that rivals these old systems. But, surprisingly, I really, really enjoy the PS4 as far as modern day consoles go!

JagoBlake: The PlayStation 4? Now I’m curious. Care to touch upon that a bit?

stealinbread: Go ahead and laugh all you want, but I bought it JUST to play Persona 5 last year. I was planning on returning it, but I ended up liking it so much that I just… kept it! And I’m glad I did. There are so many good games on it – Dark Souls 3, Final Fantasy XV, Dragonball FighterZ, Monster Hunter World! It’s a very solid system, and this is coming from someone who generally doesn’t care about modern games.

I suppose it’s mostly because the PS4 has games that are designed that exude that “Nintendo-hard” difficulty that I crave so much.

JagoBlake: Certainly can’t argue that. Since you’re mentioning Dragonball FighterZ, which is currently the hot topic in the FGC, have you been investing time into the game since its release?

stealinbread: I don’t own it yet, but I play it a bunch at my friend’s house. I’m generally not a big part of the FGC, but I do follow people on twitter who are. Every day I see new tech being found for the game, new ways to link combos together, new setups, and so on. I may just have to pick it up and git gud.

JagoBlake: It must be asked. Whenever you play, what team do you use and why?

stealinbread: Android 18, Piccolo, Yamcha. Droid girl because who doesn’t like cute girls? Piccolo because I just like the way he controls. Yamcha because, he’s Yamcha. It’s a pleasant surprise that he’s considered a “top-tier” despite his power level in the actual story.

JagoBlake: He is not the first case of that and I guarantee he won’t be the last either. You should play in Cell Games whenever Ring Match finally gets fixed.

So next question. You mentioned an emphasis on speed-running. What is it about the craft that wins over your interest?

stealinbread: I might just have to try my hand at the Cell Games. I’m sure PrettyBoyJackal would whoop me good though!

So speedrunning, for any readers who don’t know, is beating a game from start to finish as fast as possible. When I first got into it, it was sort of magical, in a way, discovering new ways to play these retro games I had already played a bunch. Continually optimizing your movement and skill in a speedrun is very rewarding, especially when you get to showcase your run at a live marathon, like Speedrunning Expo or AGDQ.

JagoBlake: You did speed-runs for Speedrunning Expo and AGDQ? Got anything to say about your experience in that?

stealinbread: I’ve done many marathon runs for Speedrunning Expo, or just SRX for short. My most favorite ones to do were Super Metroid, and Final Fantasy 8. Showcasing those was a lot of fun, and meeting other people who also speedrun at the event was a blast! As for AGDQ, I’ve never actually done a run for them, but I did get to go this year, and it was a good experience overall.

JagoBlake: Excellent to hear! So just how did you come to hear about StreamMe?

stealinbread: So, at Speedrunning Expo 2017 Spring, which was the first SRX held on StreamMe, I got more acquainted with Cyberdemon531, and she introduced me to the site. I decided to start streaming here, and gave it a shot. The community here was very welcoming and here I am almost a year later, doing this full time. It has been a journey!

JagoBlake: I can imagine. What is it about the service that fascinates you?

stealinbread: The site is ad-free and has pretty much no delay, and quality options from the get-go. It also has a bunch of emote slots, 20 for each category. All these little things add up to a better viewer and streamer experience.
Also, I would be lying if I said the monthly contest wasn’t a factor. And the community, again, is just great. All the different multistreams I am a part of have some wonderful people.

JagoBlake: What elements of streaming do you find to be the most important? For example, the audience? Content creation? Etc.

stealinbread: The most important thing about streaming is having fun, and sharing with the world something you are deeply passionate about. Audience certainly plays a role, as fostering a good community does wonders for you and your viewers.

JagoBlake: Can you describe your general approach as a streamer?

stealinbread: Sure! Ever since I started in 2014, my approach has been keeping it simple & being genuine. A lot of streamers use fancy layouts and over the top donation/follow alerts, etc. I don’t really use any of that, I like a very simple, functional setup. I’ve always believed the game should take up the most space on the screen, with webcam and anything else being purely secondary. I never put on an act for stream either, what you see and hear is what you get – I act the same in real life. With so many hypebeasts in the world like Markiplier, and Youtubers like him, you have to stand out, you have to differentiate yourself and do something different. Chill streaming is where it’s at, if you’re an aspiring streamer.

JagoBlake: That would be your general advice to upcoming streamers, then?

stealinbread: Absolutely! In addition to that, for those wanting to stream, don’t worry about your view count or how active your chat is. Just stream what you like doing, and be passionate about it. Jump in a voice call with a couple of friends to fill in that dead air, that’s always fun! Keep doing it consistently and viewers will come, I promise.

JagoBlake: If there were any changes you feel could benefit StreamMe in the long run, what would they be?

stealinbread: I’ll go ahead and address functionality first – multistreams can sometimes be a little bit buggy, but the dev team seems to be on it consistently and it usually gets quickly resolved.

One thing that would be super neat is a “hosting” feature. Let’s say I just got done with my stream, and I’ve got 20 viewers still wanting to watch something. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could “host” another streamer, and send my viewers in chat to their stream, without anyone having to click a link? I usually just type in a link in chat and “raid” someone, but hosting would be a neat feature for sure that would make this process seamless.

Lastly, I remember mentioning that I like the ad-free aspect of the website, but top/bottom/side border ads wouldn’t bother me, and, perhaps, ad revenue would help the site a great deal.

Oh, one last thing – Once a week or month, having a selected streamer on the morning show would be super cool.

JagoBlake: The staff are always watching and listening. If you could recommend your favorite streamers to anyone, who and why?

stealinbread: I’ll give you my top 5:

Cyberdemon531 – Great speedrunner. Has a ton of world records. Kind of a big deal.
PvtCinnamonbun – Underrated speedrunner, does amazing commentary and is very chill.
Ryokif – One of the nicest people on streamMe, does a lot of art/perlers/board game streams.
gamerGeekChicUK – new streamer, generally plays PC games, she’s doing great so far.
minifridgeinthia – Guitar Hero Master, has great taste in music!

JagoBlake: Thanks for your suggestions, and thank you for your time! Any additional shout-outs you’d like to make before we close this out?

stealinbread: Shoutouts to ArtistSage for being my most loyal viewer! He’s been here since day 1. Thanks again for your time, JagoBlake!

Many thanks to stealinbread for taking the time to do this interview! What were your thoughts on his answers? Let us know through any of our social media listed in the closing portion of this article!

We will return in March with our next guest. The question is, who would you, the reader, like to see featured in our next community interview? Your input is welcome! Please reach out via your replies.

In closing, please give stealinbread a follow at his StreamMe page: www.stream.me/stealinbread.

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Announcing “Devastation: Road to Vegas!”

As a follow-up to our Gears of War 4 event “Devastation,” we are launching the next entry in our series: “Devastation, Road to Vegas!”

We are inviting up to eight teams to participate in a four-week series where the four best teams will advance to the Season Finale on March 31st to compete for cash prizes. Six of those teams have already been invited, and the last two will be decided by way of a special qualifier coming up next week on February 22nd!

The six teams locked in for the Road to Vegas are as follows:

  • OpTic Gaming
  • Echo Fox
  • ERA Eternity
  • Ronin
  • GHOST Gaming

Teams from North America and Latin America will be eligible to participate in the qualifier on February 22nd. Registration will be announced via Twitter when it opens.

The four-week series itself begins March 1st and takes place at the following schedules:

  • Week 1: March 1st
  • Week 2: March 8th
  • Week 3: March 15th
  • Week 4: March 22nd
  • Season Finale: March 31st

The action will begin every week at 7 P.M. Eastern Time. All events will feature matches on stream as well as one side match. The action will be broadcast live via www.stream.me/gears – please follow the channel and enable your email notifications so that you aren’t left in the dust.

The four weekly events will be played with the goal of maintaining your status within the Top 4 rankings. Should you qualify for the finale, a $2,000 prize pool will be split across the Top 3 as follows:

  • 1st Place: $1,250
  • 2nd Place: $500
  • 3rd Place: $250

We’re happy to welcome back Christopher “@DeluxeHaas” Haas and Tyler “@TylersHuman” Shuman as commentators for Devastation: Road to Vegas! They will also be joined by Waldo “@WaldoRtk7” Kinne, a shoutcaster and analyst for Gears of War esports! Please give all three of these gentlemen a follow on Twitter to stay informed on updates for the Road to Vegas.

If you feel you have what it takes to walk the Road to Vegas alongside these titans, then we look forward to your attendance on February 22nd! Good luck.

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BRAND NEW: Referral Rewards

Stream.me is so excited to announce our brand new Referral Rewards system! Now you can earn sparkle rewards for referring users to our site and helping us grow.

Visit the Referrals settings page to get started.

Type in the URL for the page you want to refer users to and an optional Source nickname for the platform you want to advertise your referral on (this will help you track where you get the most referral clicks from):

Click on ‘Generate’ and copy the link into a tweet or anywhere else you’d like to advertise! You can enter any channel or stream.me page you want and anyone who clicks will be redirected to that page.

Alternatively, you can also quickly grab a referral link right from the channel page you’re viewing from by clicking on the cog icon underneath the Follow or Subscribe buttons:

When a new user clicks on your referral link, you’ll earn:

  • 50 sparkles if they register AND verify.
  • 100 sparkles if they stream for at least 4 hours.
  • 200 sparkles if they make a purchase (subscribe or purchase a sparkle package).

Rewards will stack, giving you potentially 350 sparkles* for a user who completes all three items. And this is just the tip of the iceberg – we’ll have even more exciting rewards coming VERY soon, so stay tuned!!

If you have any issues or feedback please let us know either via email at support@stream.me, in the community Discord or via our Ideal Wall.

Thanks y’all for helping our site grow! 🙂


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January Recap

It’s been awhile since we’ve given you a full update but so much has happened!



We just rolled out our new chat, which you can opt in to here. We’d love to hear what you think via Discord or email us at support@stream.me! Thanks so much to everyone who’s already given us feedback and reported issues – we’re squashing those bugs as quickly as we can!

What’s New:

  • When you click on a username in chat, you’ll get a user card with information about that user as well as icons for Follow, Whisper and Ignore. If you’re a moderator or channel owner, you’ll also see moderation actions for Mute, Mod and Ban. You’ll also see a second tab called “Messages” where you can go back through their message history and, if you’re a moderator or channel owner, delete past messages.

  • When you begin to type a chat command in the chat input box, you’ll know see suggestions / instructions for the chat command you’re typing.

  • The roster roles are now split up into tabs instead of in a dropdown.

  • You can now pop out chat in multistream channels 😮
  • And much more…!

What’s not new:

We know a lot of users have been reporting issues with linked chat. Unfortunately some of these issues will persist in the new chat but we do have a solution prepared. Once we’ve worked out the bugs in this new chat and are able to roll it out permanently, we’ll start implementing that solution. We appreciate your patience!


Starting today you can share the love with our brand new Valentine’s Day stickers! Keep an eye out for contest bonus points. 😉



You can now use sparkles to extend your archive expiration date. Currently, archives expire and are deleted after 45 days. If you’d like to keep that archive on your channel for a little bit longer, you can purchase sparkles and extend the expiration date by 1 month, 6 months or a year.



We know a lot of you were having issues with managing your recurring subscriptions. We’ve switched one of our payment providers to help improve this user experience as well as improve subscription-related features in general. All new PayPal subscriptions will be handled through our new provider. Old subscriptions will continue as usual until you cancel and re-subscribe manually.

Be on the lookout for more benefits for your subscribers and more ways to subscribe coming in 2018! If you have ideas for features you’d like access to as a subscriber, please let us know on our idea wall!



Now you can select the original source quality when viewing live and archived streams, when available. The source quality will usually be your best option for getting the most out of your stream viewing experience!



We’ve been work hard to bring you the features you’ve been asking for as well as improving stability and stream quality. Here are a few of the things you can look forward to in 2018:

  • Major updates to both our Android and iOS apps
  • More subscription-related features, including better user experience and more ways to subscribe
  • Referral rewards
  • A brand new way for streamers and viewers to come together as a community and work together to promote their own brand as well as the content they support
  • More iterations in the new chat
  • Updates to stickers 😮
  • More ways to keep your channel active, even when you can’t be live

Stay tuned for a great 2018!


We’d love to hear from you! If you have questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@stream.me or post on our Ideal Wall! You can also discuss features and get help from the community by joining our Discord.

Announcing the “Cell Games” featuring @BandaiNamcoUS’s Dragonball FighterZ!

In case you missed our big announcement last night, let’s bring you up to speed on the latest competitive series from StreamMe.

With DragonBall FighterZ launching this weekend, we are proud to present to you…an eight-week DBFZ circuit called Cell Games!

The series will take place online via the Playstation 4, beginning February 10th. Preliminaries will occur at 6 P.M. Eastern Time every Saturday evening, and Top 8 finals will take place every Tuesday at 8 P.M. Players will compete for both league points and cash prizes, with the latter being awarded to the Top 3 winners of each week. At the end of the circuit, the top eight players with the highest amount of total league points will advance to the Cell Games Finale!

As the event schedule for the entire circuit has yet to be finalized, we will provide updates on when the next brackets will be played via Twitter. As of now, the first bracket is set for Saturday, February 10th, with the Top 8 following on Tuesday the 13th.

Over $5,000 in total prizes will be up for grabs throughout the entire series. Up to $275 will be split across the Top 3 every week, whereas the Season Finale (to be scheduled at a later date) will award a total of $2,950 to be split across all eight finalists! See below for the payout scales and point distribution for our weekly brackets and the finale:

Weekly Prizes

1st Place: $150 and 150 points
2nd Place: $75 and 125 points
3rd Place: $50 and 100 points
4th Place: 75 points
5th – 8th Place: 50 points
9th – 16th Place: 30 points
17th – 32nd Place: 15 points

Season Finale Prizes

1st place: $1,000
2nd place: $750
3rd place: $500
4th place: $250
5th place (tie): $150
7th place (tie): $75

All registration will be processed through Smash.gg and can also be seen at www.stream.me/dbz, which is also where Cell Games will be broadcast live. Please be sure to follow the channel and enable your email notifications so that you do not miss out on the excitement! Commentators have yet to be decided, but we will update you once they are locked in!

Registration is open right now, and like with all our brackets, entry is for free. Visit www.stream.me/dbz right now to prepare for battle!

Only players residing in North America (the United States and Canada) are eligible to participate.

Players are welcome to broadcast their matches, but they must create an account at www.stream.me and use our service to do so. If anyone streams their gameplay at a site other than StreamMe, they are at risk of disqualification. Other than that, we welcome everyone to share their experiences in Cell Games!

We are happy to join the entire fighting game community as we set foot into the DragonBall universe this Friday! For more updates on our events, we encourage you to follow us at @StreamMe.

StreamMe is a powerful broadcasting platform that brings together streamers and viewers in an amazingly unique experience. With only fifty followers, you can get partnered and earn revenue for each subscription made to your channel. As your following increases, broadcasters and viewers will earn access to unique options that will add some flavor to your experience on StreamMe.

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StreamMe Community Interview with Cyberdemon531

Welcome back to the StreamMe Community Interview Series, readers!

Once per month, we take some time out of our day to speak with one of our own community members. The series launched last month with RyokiF as our first guest of honor, and for tonight, we have our second guest…a hardcore streamer who specializes in playing so fast that the game can barely keep up – speedrunning, in other words.

That guest is Cyberdemon531, a name you may be familiar with if you’ve been paying attention to the StreamMe leaderboards for our monthly contests where streamers strive to be the top streamer every month. She’s been seen sitting near the summit every month, a fact she attributes to the enormous amount of time she devotes towards her craft.

In our interview, we cover franchises she’s interested in, her approach to streaming and her thoughts on the StreamMe community as a whole. Read on!

Blake: Care to introduce yourself to the readers?

Cyberdemon531: Hello, readers, I am Cyberdemon531, professional speedrunner extraordinaire. I love video games, primarily video games released on the Sony PlayStation. My favorite game series are Doom, Mega Man, Spyro, etc, and I will often be seen streaming 10-16 hours a day because I have nothing better to do.

JagoBlake: MegaMan and Spyro, you say? Seems like we have a lot to discuss about those two! Since I can’t help asking, what’s your favorite game in the Spyro franchise?

Cyberdemon531: My favorite game in the franchise is Spyro the Dragon.

JagoBlake: The first one for the Playstation 1, I assume?

Cyberdemon531: Yes, indeed. It is the best as it is very basic and doesn’t distract the core gameplay with minigames and badly designed animal characters.

JagoBlake: I still have my old PS1 disc for the game (yes, fond memories). As for MegaMan, your favorite game there?

Cyberdemon531: Very nice, I’ve done a lot of speedruns for 1-4 so I am very well versed. As for Mega Man, my favorite in the classic series is Mega Man 8, my favorite in the X series is Mega Man X6, and my favorite in the Zero series is Mega Man Zero 4. I also like all the side games, but haven’t played them enough to judge a favorite.

JagoBlake: You hype for the new MegaMan 11 coming soon?

Cyberdemon531: I am very excited for it! I am more excited for PC versions of X1-8, though, so I can easily play them without dealing with obscure korean PC ports (Since PC speedrunning is usually faster). I am also very excited that I am dedicating myself to doing a run of Mega Man 1-10 every Saturday for the entire year.

JagoBlake: An excellent use of your time as a streamer! Speaking of streaming, what is it about the craft that won your attention for so long? That is to say, what inspired you to pick up streaming?

Cyberdemon531: I started YouTube videos of games in 2010 but I was very dumb and young so I didn’t know what I was doing until later, in 2012 I started trying harder during High School, and then learned about streaming in summer of 2012, of which I thought was way way easier than recording, editing, and rendering videos, so I have pretty much dedicated myself to streaming since late 2012/early 2013. As for what keeps my attention for such an extended period of time, mostly having nothing else to do.

But also the fact that playing games is fun, and people like watching me. It’s how I met all of my friends, so there is no reason to stop now!

JagoBlake: Awesome to hear! You’ve been one of the consistent top streamers on the StreamMe leaderboards for quite some time now. In fact you were sitting at #1 last month, and as of now, you’re only one spot away from returning there. Who or what would you credit for your consistency?

Cyberdemon531: Why, yes! I stream frequently, as mentioned, usually 10 hours a day, and I often do marathons, primarily every Sunday I do “Sunday Runday” where I do tons of different speedruns from 10am to usually around 3am the next day. I just stream a lot and talk to my chat a lot. Very active community mostly!

JagoBlake: Do you make an effort to involve your audience in your craft as much as possible? If so, how?

Cyberdemon531: Well, I don’t do multiplayer or anything, but I do have audience participation in my Sunday Runday marathons, via a voting form, where every viewer votes for their favorite games of my catalog, and whichever gets the highest amount wins! I also do donation requests frequently so people can straight up pay me to play whatever they want. Pretty simple system.

JagoBlake: Sounds intriguing! So how did you come to discover StreamMe?

Cyberdemon531: Well, I was recommended to come here, and so far it’s been pretty good. Technically speaking it is far superior to other platforms I have tried and used, and I’ve tried just about all of ’em, and the features are also fun. Not to mention the money which has literally saved my life in multiple ways.

JagoBlake: How would you describe your approach to streaming as a whole?

Cyberdemon531: Well I mostly just speedrun a wild assortment of games and talk to the chat about memes and current events. Very basic and oldschool setup, nothing fancy. To expand: Mostly just game feed and chat feed on stream.

JagoBlake: Gotcha. I know you touched upon this briefly, but have you a longer description to offer on your experience as a StreamMe member?

Cyberdemon531: Well, I joined the site in February of 2017, so it’s been about a year now. As for my personal experience, since I think I explained what I like about the site already, it has been very positive in my life as a whole. I have a history of depression which was really bad early last year, and having a community to be with and feel comfortable around for the past year as made me, as a person, feel very good.

As well as the financial gains helping me tremendously so I can stream full-time without worrying about bills and stuff, and it’s also helped me begin my transition, which has been the most important thing to me to date, so I have nothing but positive things to say about StreamMe, and my experience on the platform.

JagoBlake: As satisfied as you are with your experience, what steps are you hoping to see StreamMe take in an effort to evolve their service?

Cyberdemon531: I hope they add more features, primarily a clip feature as that adds a lot of audience interaction, but I’ve also suggested a few things to them in the Discord as well as on their idea wall with other minor things. As a general direction, I hope they mostly just continue to be a technically stable site so that I can stream here for the forseeable future.

Stability is success in the long term, and I think other places are bound to crash eventually, and that’s when a good site like StreamMe can swoop in the best.

JagoBlake: Well-spoken. As one of the leading speedunners on StreamMe, would you recommend any other speedrunners for the readers to check out?

Cyberdemon531: Without wanting to play favorites, I recommend everyone equally. I don’t have the time to really watch streams, so I cannot give a more detailed opinion. However, I will say that the Mega Man runners are my personal recommendation by default, hehe.

JagoBlake: Fair enough. Thank you for your time! In closing, have you any shout-outs you want to give?

Cyberdemon531: I’d like to shout out myself, primarily. I’m epic.

The author highly approves of the ending!

Thanks to Cyberdemon531 for providing her input on where he stands with StreamMe! We will return in February with a third interview. If you’d like to stay updated on her content, be sure to follow Cyberdemon at the links below:

Cyberdemon’s Official Website
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StreamMe Community Interview with @Ryoki_F

Good evening, readers!

We are certain you’ve seen quite a number of comments about the experience our community members get from using the StreamMe service to share their recreational time with the world. No doubt you’ve asked yourself, “Just what is StreamMe? What makes it so interesting?”

StreamMe is a broadcasting service where gamers can come together to treat everybody to a unique experience, whether it be as a viewer or as a streamer. One of our key factors is that you can get partnered with us in a short amount of time by simply building a community of at least fifty followers. Doing so allows you access to extra features, including a Subscribe button and unique chat features for your watchers.

Another factor, one that carries unmatched importance, is the synergy shared by the StreamMe community. It is our goal to deliver to you a complete experience no matter how you utilize our service. We are always keeping a watchful eye on our streamers to ensure that they are satisfied. It’s likely that you yourself have wondered about how our streamers feel about StreamMe as a whole.

Well, we’d like to take some time to make their voices heard! To this end, we’ve started a monthly interview series where a StreamMe broadcaster comes forward to discuss their experience with the service. Once per month, we will sit down with a member to ask questions about their outlook on StreamMe, and we will share that discussion with you, the readers, so that you’ll have more data to help influence your decision to get involved with us!

For our first guest, we’d like to welcome RyokiF to her StreamMe Community Interview. Read on for some insight into her time on her favorite streaming website!

JagoBlake: Thank you for joining us on this interview today, Ryoki! Would you care to introduce yourself?

Ryoki: I am known as RyokiF on StreamMe.

JagoBlake: How did you come to discover the StreamMe service?

Ryoki: I started playing the Kingdom Hearts phone game over a year ago and looked up some YouTube videos to help me navigate the game. I found a streamer called Pigginatti and he was encouraging people to go to StreamMe to watch his streams to win raffle prizes and possibly make it into his party in the game. Once I joined, I was hooked. =] It was my first time watching live streams.

JagoBlake: What is it about the service that continues to keep your attention up to today?

Ryoki: I’ve always liked the emotes and how StreamMe has them organized. User emotes, channel emotes, emotes that are only for subscribers and supporters. My favorite are the raid emotes that you can use on anyone’s channel if you are subscribed to the streamer that uploaded the emotes. I also love that you can change the color of your name. It reminds me of an old game I used to play on a site called BYOND. Stickers are a great idea too. Who doesn’t like putting a mustache on the streamer? =p The contest is also a huge factor. I’m amazed that StreamMe has been able to keep it going for so long. It’s very generous and helps me upgrade what I have for streaming and give back to everyone that supports me by doing a ton of raffles.

JagoBlake: You mentioned that your discovery of Pigginatti’s StreamMe page marked the first time you watched a live streamer. What inspired you to take up the art of streaming yourself?

Ryoki: Pigginatti was always trying to convince more people to stream and was providing help to get new streamers started. It looked like fun and he told me he wanted to try out the multistream function and create a community of streamers. At the time I was wanting to get back into making 3D models and streaming seemed like a good way to keep myself committed to it. It’s a lot harder to back out of something if other people are expecting to see you work on it.

I honestly didn’t expect streaming to become such a big part of my life. Feels like a great accomplishment now. =]

JagoBlake: An accomplishment for which you and other committed streamers deserve praise. Which leads me to our next question: every streamer carries a unique approach to the art. How would you describe your own approach?

Ryoki: I guess I would describe my approach as “community”. My viewers stemmed off of the Nites of Light Multistream and we are all much like family. When I stream, it tends to be something that isn’t very excited to watch, but everyone comes to hang out in chat and enjoy interacting with each other and myself. We even have a Knights After Dark Multistream Discord for everyone that hangs out in my chat. We concern ourselves with everyone’s lives, share images, and set up games with each other. Sometimes the internet can be a toxic place and I want to keep my stream and our community a safe place.

JagoBlake: What do you typically like to stream?

Ryoki: Lately I’ve been streaming a lot of Perler Bead art, emote commissions, and community participation games like our Minecraft and Terraria servers. I also stream Steam games, board games (via cam and/or Tabletop Simulator), sculpting, and do the occasional stream of our pets. I guess commiting to my 3D modeling didn’t really happen after all.

JagoBlake: Might you be willing to touch upon potential ideas you’ll have for your streaming time in the future?

Ryoki: I would love to find more board games that I can play with everyone on stream. The more interactive my stream is, the better. I have one particular viewer that always wants me to go to Sporcle.com and play the trivia games there with everyone. We’ve also had a great time playing the Jackbox games on stream. I feel like streaming should be more about the interaction between streamer and viewers rather than everyone just mindlessly watching the streamer.

JagoBlake: What are your thoughts on the growth of the StreamMe community?

Ryoki: I’ve really enjoyed seeing new people wander into my stream chat. My viewers and I do our best to welcome them and answer their questions about the website. I’d love to see StreamMe get as big as other streaming sites that I won’t mention here. =] Eventually I need to start making YouTube videos so I can do what Pigginatti did and pull new people to StreamMe.

JagoBlake: Have you any advice you’d like to offer to upcoming streamers or anyone considering getting into it?

Ryoki: The first few streams are always the scariest. Once you do a ton of them, it just feels like you’re hanging out with friends while in your own home. Try to stream everyday, even if you don’t want to. If you keep doing it, it becomes a habit and won’t feel like a chore. Never give up. Sometimes you stream and you’re only talking to yourself. It takes time to build a community and get consistent viewers.

JagoBlake: Very well-said. What new options and features are you hoping will be added to the service as StreamMe continues to evolve?

Ryoki: You’ve opened the floodgates. =] I would like to be able to do raffles in the multistream without it excluding the multistream participants. I think the multistream is a unique function that StreamMe should be promoting that other sites do not have. We would also like the chat glitch to be fixed. Sometimes messages show up only in the multistream or only on someone’s channel instead of both places. I’ve sent this to support before and I know the devs are busy with more important things. =]

Some of my viewers and I also would like to be able to do more custom raffles. For instance, add certain names to the raffle and have the wheel only include those people. The current exclude user function is a bit unwieldy. Would be better to just see the chat roster and un-check people’s names rather than having to type them all in with capitals correct. A lot of my viewers and I would love a stream hosting function. I know the logistics for that for the contest might be a little weird. I was hoping that the person that you are hosting would receive all the points generated for the contest.

Also, as a throwback to that game that I used to play on BYOND, I would love to be able to pay sparkles or unicorns for a gradient name color. (excluding admin red of course)

JagoBlake: Care to touch upon a bit of your history with gaming as a whole?

Ryoki: Sure =] I guess the biggest franchise that I am into is the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Which is why I started playing the Kingdom Hearts phone game. My favorite game has to be Yoshi’s Island on the SNES. I was so upset when my SNES power supply died. RPG games and puzzle games are the ones that I play the most and for the longest.

I was a huge WoW player during Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Now that I’ve become an “adult” my husband and I love playing board games over video games. =] I’m horrible at FPS games. This is why I play Mercy on Overwatch. =p At this point I could just list off a ton of games that I like. I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for though. XD

JagoBlake: You can always list examples. :wink: As far as classics go, I favor Sonic the Hedgehog myself (I’m sure my avi gave that away).

If a friend were to show an interest in streaming, how likely are you to recommend that they try StreamMe?

Ryoki: Extremely likely. I’ve been trying to get my art friends to stream on StreamMe for a while now. None of them have taken the initiative to start streaming though. Won’t stop me from trying!

JagoBlake: Thank you for your time! In closing, would you like to give any shout-outs to anyone?

Ryoki: No problem! Thank you for getting to know the StreamMe community! Shout-outs always for my viewers and all the participants in the the Knights After Dark multistream and community. :heart: Also for the San Antonio StreamMe crew for connecting with the StreamMe community more!

Our thanks go out to Ryoki for taking time out of her schedule to chat with us! We will be back in January with a second entry for our interview series! If you should have any input on who you’d like to see us interview next, please give us a shout at our Twitter account!

Don’t forget to check out Ryoki’s content while you’re at it!

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StreamMe is a powerful broadcasting platform that brings together streamers and viewers in an amazingly unique experience. With only fifty followers, you can get partnered and earn revenue for each subscription made to your channel. As your following increases, broadcasters and viewers will earn access to unique options that will add some flavor to your experience on StreamMe.

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Tonight, we are thrilled to announce that StreamMe has entered into a partnership with Akquire to bring you some amazing esports apparel!

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Announcing #WarOfTheGods Season 2 + The Runback Continues!

Thank you to everybody who followed us throughout all of the first season for War of the Gods! We are happy to announce that we finally have the information you’ve waited patiently to learn…specifically, the details on Season 2, which is brought to you by StreamMe and powered by GauntletGG!

For the most part, War Season 2, which is an online competitive series featuring Injustice 2, will run the same course that Season 1 did. Only participants from North America (Canada and the U.S.A., to be exact) will be eligible to participate in our series. No age limit will be in effect, but should any players under the age of sixteen break into the Top 4 of any weekly bracket, parental assistance will be required before they receive cash prizes. All brackets will be hosted online via the Playstation 4.

Every week, players will compete to earn league points and/or cash prizes. Points will be awarded to the Top 32 whereas the cash goes only to the Top 4. At the end of the season, the top eight players will qualify for the season finale in March 25th. Like with Season 1, up to $10,000 will be at stake in the finale, to be paid out across all eight competitors!

For a complete overview of the rules, please see gauntlet.gg/war.

This is where we depart familiar territory and enter into the unknown. The first season ran for ten consecutive weeks, but for Season 2, we are expanding into a twelve-week circuit for War of the Gods. We are also adopting a new schedule for the weekly brackets: preliminaries will take place on Sundays at 6 P.M. Eastern Time, while Top 8 finals will be played out every Wednesday evening at 8 P.M.!

Also, by popular demand, we have implemented a new restriction regarding matchmaking. Any and all players who enter War of the Gods cannot utilize a Wi-Fi connection to participate. Only wired connections are permitted for tournament play. We have also shortened the DQ timer for all matches to ten minutes, meaning that players who do not show up within that time limit will either be sent to Loser’s Bracket or eliminated from the tournament.

Below is the official tournament schedule for War of the Gods Season 2. Please be advised that this schedule is subject to changes at the discretion of the event team.

Week 1 Preliminaries – November 19, 2017
Week 1 Finals – November 22, 2017

Week 2 Preliminaries – November 26, 2017
Week 2 Finals – November 29, 2017

Week 3 Preliminaries – December 3, 2017
Week 3 Finals – December 6, 2017

Week 4 Preliminaries – December 10, 2017
Week 4 Finals – December 13, 2017

Week 5 Preliminaries – January 14, 2018
Week 5 Finals – January 17, 2018

Week 6 Preliminaries – January 21, 2018
Week 6 Finals – January 24, 2018

Week 7 Preliminaries – January 28, 2018
Week 7 Finals – January 31, 2018

Week 8 Preliminaries – February 4, 2018
Week 8 Finals – February 7, 2018

Week 9 Preliminaries – February 18, 2018
Week 9 Finals – February 21, 2018

Week 10 Preliminaries – February 25, 2018
Week 10 Finals – February 28, 2018

Week 11 Preliminaries – March 4, 2018
Week 11 Finals – March 7, 2018

Week 12 Preliminaries – March 11, 2018
Week 12 Finals – March 14, 2018

Season 2 Finale – March 25, 2018

Wait! Before you jump to the registration page, we have another surprise for you!

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to Kombat Cup: The Runback, we have decided to expand it into a monthly series which will coincide with War of the Gods Season 2! Starting in December and ending in March, we will host a Mortal Kombat XL bracket on any and all weeks that War is not taking place. It will follow the same format as War: preliminaries will occur on Sundays with finals following every Wednesday.

No league points will be up for grabs in the Runback, but like with the original bracket in October, we are offering $1,000 in cash prizes to all players who break into the Top 8! See below for the payout scale that the Runback will follow, in addition to an official schedule.

Payout Scale for The Runback

1st Place – $300
2nd Place – $200
3rd Place – $125
4th Place – $100
5th Place – $75
7th Place – $50

Tournament Schedule for The Runback

Bracket #1 Preliminaries – December 31, 2017
Bracket #1 Finals – January 3, 2018

Bracket #2 Preliminaries – February 11, 2018
Bracket #2 Finals – February 14, 2018

Bracket #3 Preliminaries – March 18, 2018
Bracket #3 Finals – March 21, 2018

All brackets for War Season 2 and the Runback will be broadcast live at www.stream.me/war. Mr Aquaman and Echo will be making a return to commentate both circuits.

We truly appreciate the enthusiasm that the players displayed towards War of the Gods and Kombat Cup: The Runback, and it is our pleasure to continue bringing all of you an amazing tournament experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home! Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at our Twitter!

Want to re-experience all of StreamMe’s past tournaments? Check out our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/streammevids!