Keep Yourself In The Game With Arozzi

We at StreamMe are thrilled to introduce our most recent sponsor, Arozzi!

Founded in 2013, Arozzi is a Swedish-based company that manufactures and distributes performance enhancing products for gamers, programmers and casters alike, products that are trusted by professional gaming organizations such as Orbit eSports and Noble eSports. They provide eight top-of-the-line ergonomic chairs to choose from, with each model catering to different needs, so you will have no trouble in finding exactly what you need for those long sessions at the desk that are leaving you feeling stiff and exhausted.

If you have difficulty assembling this kind of gear on your own, not to worry, they have detailed guides on their websites for every one of their models to make sure that the assembly process is as painless as possible.

Not interested in chairs? Not a problem! Arozzi also provides their signature Arena Gaming Desk, which boasts a fourteen square foot work surface that’s protected by a tightly adhered mouse pad made of a microfiber surface cloth.

If you’re as interested in their awesome products as we are, you can check their products out on a number of online retail sites, such as Newegg and Amazon. You can find the whole list of licensed retailers here.