Aquaman and Cyborg to be featured on the Watchtower tomorrow!

Yesterday, we got to learn about how the characters Brainiac, Black Adam and The Joker fight in Injustice 2, but it looks like NRS is ready to throw another episode of the Watchtower at us! Tomorrow at 3:00 P.M. Central Time, we’ll be getting a look at Aquaman and Cyborg, two of the returning fighters from Injustice 1!

For those who missed it, PND Ketchup and Mustard released a detailed breakdown about Cyborg’s adjustments as he transitions to the second game. You can check out that video┬áin this article.

Given that Aquaman was a common candidate for nearly every player’s tier lists in the prequel, it’s highly possible that a handful of nerfs is incoming. But at the same time, with the introduction of new mechanics and characters, he could very well get something new. All our questions about him ought to be answered tomorrow!

As usual, you can send out a Twitter post with a question you’d like to ask the team at NetherRealm Studios! Make sure you include the hashtag “#AskTheWatchtower” when doing so.

If you missed out on this Wednesday’s session of the Watchtower, you can give it a watch below!

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