Anime FGC introduces the Burst League!

Tournament organizers from all corners of the anime fighting game community have collaborated to create the Burst League, a league that features all of the anime fighters in an official tournament setting. This league includes brackets for Guilty Gear XrD, BlazBlue: Central Fiction and The King of Fighters XIV.

All details can be found in the links seen above, but we will share a summary here for your convenience.

Players can compete in the Burst League to acquire points that will accumulate throughout the entire season. These points will be awarded to those who place within the Top 8 of each qualifying event, and these will be spread throughout all of North America to allow everybody a chance to participate.

At the end of the season, the players standing at the top of the rankings for each game will receive a free trip and housing for CEOtaku 2017, which will take place in Orlando this September! Additionally, other players standing near the top will have another chance in a post season championship event called the Anime FGC Invitational. Details will be announced shortly before CEOtaku takes place.

Tournament organizers are welcome to send in a Tournament Submission form to Smash.GG manager BearUNLV, should the Burst League’s flagship titles be included in their event’s lineup. So far, the following events have been included as ranking events for the circuit:

  • Frosty Faustings XI
  • Anime Ascension 2017
  • Final Round 20
  • Michigan Masters 2017

With the official launch of the Burst League, the following events have been added into the running:

  • Northwest Majors IX
  • Toryuken 6
  • Combo Breaker 2017
  • Midwest Championships 2017
  • CEO 2017
  • Defend the North 2017
  • Shine 2017
  • East Coast Throwdown

The amount of qualifying points per event will vary depending on however many players enter. See below to learn more about the points system:

Top 8 Awarded Points

S Tier

100+ entrants: 1000 points


A Tier

50 to 99 entrants: 600 points


B Tier

32 to 49 entrants: 200 points


C Tier

16 to 32 entrants: 100 points


D Tier

Less than 16 entrants: 50 points


To learn more about the Burst League, check out either its Smash.GG page or its Reddit page. Good luck if you plan to participate!

Need some motivation? Perhaps watching this CEOtaku recap video from last year will give you the spark you need!