Alliance and Evil Geniuses Move to Player-Owned Independence

Back in the apocalypse year, 2012, the first inclining of Alliance was brought forth following Jonathan “Loda” Berg returning to Sweden. Together he and his travel buddy and long-time friend Joakim “Akke” Akterhall set up a new eSports team that would claim the Aegis of Champions, at The International 3, the very next year.

GoodGame Agency, the parent company and original creator of Alliance, was acquired sold to a large website in 2014 to bring a broader array of sponsorship support and, most importantly, monetization opportunities, to the eSports industry.

Alliance has now become one of the more recognizable brands in eSports with acclaimed players such as Adam “Armada” Lindgren leading Smash, and a Dota 2 legacy that has created countless memories.

Yesterday, according to a press release made by Alliance, the organization has shifted to a player-owned status. Akke, Co-owner, said that he is “very happy to be able to experience take part in a new side of the organization,” and promises to, “We will bring the experience we’ve gained over the years in the scene and do our absolute best to retain Alliance as an organisation that people are proud to follow and cheer for.”

Akke continued to thank Alex Garfield for his mentorship over the years, and previous owners for their support.

Evil Geniuses, who was also owned by GGA, made a similar announcement the same day while also declaring Peter “ppd” Dager, who most recently played as the organization’s Dota 2 captain since 2014, will now function as CEO of their newly restructured organization, which also fields teams for other titles including Smash and Halo.  This makes him the second member of the organization’s Dota 2 team to move up, as Clinton “Fear” Loomis was recently promoted to a coaching position within the organization. While also thanking Garfield for the insight and advice he had provided in the past, ppd was sure to thank Evil Geniuses’ past owners for their support, and those who have been working as a part of EG that put their faith in him as their new CEO.

“Five years ago I could not imagine my life being where it is at today, but here I am,” ppd wrote, “I want to thank everyone (…) and those here at EG for believing in me as the leader to continue to build this company. I want to give special thanks to Alex Garfield (…) I looked up to all the things he had done and have been aspiring to one day be able to have the opportunity to follow in his footsteps. Without him none of this would have been possible, EG and I are forever grateful.”

This movement to break away from the owners, while still relatively uncommon, is nothing new to eSports. Astralis, the world-renowned Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team founded by Team SoloMid’s former lineup, also features player-ownership.


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