Allen Snider confirmed for ARIKA’s mystery game, or “Fighting Layer EX”

As of this week, we’ve learned the identity of the next returning character that will join the roster for Fighting Layer EX, the long-awaited sequel to an antiquated fighting game series originally developed by ARIKA. That character is Allen Snider, seen in the short trailer below.

What’s interesting to note is that the company has taken to calling it the “Mysterious Fighting Game” once again, as apparently ARIKA has yet to decide on the product’s name. It may retain the title “Fighting Layer EX” or it may be completely relabeled during development, but either way, we know for a fact that the game is coming next year, barring any unexpected delays.

Previously, Skullomania and Darun were revealed at EVO 2017 as part of the roster, and a pre-release build was featured at the event. Players were able to procure information on how the game’s mechanics would play out. See the articles below for a review of the material.

Skullomania and Darun’s Reveal
System Mechanics for Fighting Layer EX

Even better, fans can now follow ARIKA’s Facebook page for updates on their product.

Two days ago, Daigo Umehara hosted a live stream for ARIKA’s mystery game via his trademark program called Daigo the BeastTV. The archive was uploaded yesterday for the convenience of those who were unable to catch the show. However, the video features English and Japanese narration occurring simultaneously, which means that if you only want to hear the English commentary, you’ll need to change your PC’s audio balance levels to Left only, or insert a pair of earphones while wearing only the left earbud.

The archive from Daigo’s channel is below.

For more news on ARIKA’s mystery game, keep up with our blog and the ARIKA Facebook page!