Alienware interviews @daigothebeast about his philosophy for winning

A while back, Daigo “The Beast” Umehara was interviewed by the folks from Alienware. The interview was later published on their website, written in Japanese.

If you’re multilingual, you’ve obviously had no problem with this. If you weren’t, well…chances are you were forced to abuse the Google Translator in order to break down the interview word by word, paragraph by paragraph. And that can certainly be a hassle, but fortunately for you, the interview was just re-uploaded to Alienware’s site in English.

Daigo Umehara is known as one of the first pro gamers to lead off the Japanese scene, but his skillset extends beyond the ability to outwit the opponent in a battle of the minds. He’s appeared on the media countless times, talked with public figures, and even authored a book that recently got translated to English last year called “The Will to Keep Winning.” Whether you play fighting games or not, opening this book means that the mindset behind a winner will be laid bare to you.

Incidentally, you can purchase the book for $14.99 on Amazon if you are interested.

For the purposes of this interview, Alienware asks Daigo to elaborate on the mentality he has developed for his approach to evolving as a fighting game player. Before we link you to the full interview, we will share a quick excerpt below. Check it out!

―You have said in talks you have given up in the past that what is required to win is “experiencing self-growth, not getting bored, and transforming.” But what type of mentality should people have when they are stuck in a rut where they are not able to do that?

Umehara: I really think that anything is possible. I think it could be good to get hints for winning by talking to people who have a different way of thinking from you, it could be good trying to use a totally different character, and in any case just acquiring information that you don’t currently have at the moment, as I think that alone is growth. I mean, just as an extreme example, I think that simply the act of talking to people who have a totally different way of thinking from you is a form of growth.

Even though “growth” itself may not change a person’s winning rate, it is building block for eventually improving your winning rate. So even if it does not lead to an increased winning rate at that moment, I think it will lead to that at some point and then it classifies as “growth.” In fact, I think it would actually be hard to maintain motivation if you do not consider that to be growth.

To continue reading the interview, see this page from the Alienware website. Also, consider following Daigo on Twitter to stay updated on his activities!

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