After A Long Hiatus, The LCS’s First Female Player Is Back

Months after her unfortunate departure from Renegades, Maria “Sakuya” Creveling has signed to Kaos Latin Gamers, a League of Legends team based in Chile.

Formerly known as Remi, Sakuya first made waves in the pro circuit when Misfits, which would later be rebranded to Renegades, was promoted to the NA LCS after qualifying through the NACS Summer Qualifier in 2015. Both LGBT and female gaming communities praised Sakuya as a much-needed harbinger of diversity, as she was both the first transgender person and first woman to ever make it to the LCS.

Shortly after the promotion, however, Sakuya made posts to both Reddit and Twitter that she no longer wished to be a part of Renegades. While her concerns for financial stability were put to rest by Renegades owner Christoper “MonteCristo” Mykles, it was only a matter of time before more issues arose. Less than a month after the 2016 Spring Split kicked off, Sakuya took her leave from competitive League of Legends, citing anxiety and other related issues as the reason for her departure.

With a new state of mind that is prepared for the trials that pro gamers face Sakuya says that she now is ready to turn over a new leaf, and that Kaos Latin Gamers is the best team to help her do so.

“I’m excited, I hope you all trust that I’ve scrimmed with them and we had really strong performances with the ability to learn quickly,” said Sakuya via Facebook, “My voice is respected in the team and I am going to be working on my leadership and shotcalling.”

She also posted to Twitter saying that she’s elated to be playing on KLG because everyone so far has made her feel as if she is part of a family, and that the move will also put her closer to her long-time girlfriend Revy.

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Image Source: Riot Games/Flickr

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