Abigail joins Street Fighter V Season 2 on July 25th!

It turns out that the rumors were right on the mark.

The next cast member coming to Street Fighter V Season 2 is none other than Abigail, and man is he enormous. In fact, we’re getting flashbacks of Aganos from Killer Instinct – that is how large this character is. See the trailer below if you do not believe us!

Abigail’s reveal trailer was just launched at Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay, where the Street Fighter V EVO World Finals are currently ongoing! The finals will be aired live on Disney XP and/or ESPN2. We recommend you tune in NOW to catch the action. Check your local network for details!

Anyway, Abigail made his debut in the Final Fight series, which is regarded as a “cousin” to the standard Street Fighter franchise, given that they both take place in the same universe. He’s operated as a former enforcer for the Mad Gear Gang. Now, he’s towering over the competition in Street Fighter V!

The character will be made available for purchase on July 25th. If you’ve purchased the Season 2 Character Pass, he’s all yours for free. Otherwise, you’ll have to drop either $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money, the latter being in-game currency that is earned by winning/losing matches or completing unique trials every week.

Additionally, a new stage called the Metro City Bay Area will be included with Abigail’s addition to the roster. However, even if you own the Season 2 Pass, you must still purchase or unlock the level.

To purchase the Season 2 Character Pass for SFV, visit the link below that corresponds to your platform.

Playstation Store – Season 2 Character Pass
Steam (PC) – Season 2 Character Pass

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