A Preview of Mira and Sabrewulf’s Ultimates

With the release of the Monster Ultimates Pack just two weeks away (August 22nd), Iron Galaxy and Microsoft are making good on their promise to treat us to glimpses of the Ultimate finishers that will be featured in their latest add-on to Killer Instinct.

First, check out Mira’s Ultimate, shared via the Killer Instinct YouTube page last week.

Next up…Sabrewulf, whose Ultimate was unveiled just today.

In addition to these two characters, Aganos, Glacius and Hisako will also be gifted with their Ultimates. Aganos’s Ultimate is already public knowledge, which means that only Glacius and Hisako are being kept in the dark for now. Stay tuned to their YouTube page for more previews of Ultimates in the coming weeks!

Killer Instinct is currently available to play on Xbox One and Windows 10 for free. However, add-on content such as characters and costumes must be purchased for use. Otherwise, a different character is free to play every week. Additionally, it was confirmed at CEO 2017 that the game would be ported to Steam, although a schedule for its release was not provided.

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