A Preview of Kilgore’s Ultimate

We’re three weeks away from the release of the Ultimates Ultra Pack for Killer Instinct!

For those unaware of what that is, it’s simply a collection of cinematic finishers coming to a group of KI fighters. The developers appear to be following a theme for the characters they choose in each pack. The first wave of Ultimates targeted the characters that are considered heroic – Jago, TJ Combo, Thunder, Maya and Tusk.

For the second pack, we’re getting finishers for those dedicated to Ultratech’s cause. You’ve seen the Ultimates for Fulgore and Sadira already. Up next is…Kilgore!

Next Monday, Riptor’s Ultimate will be shown. Stay tuned.

As a reminder, the Ultimates Ultra Pack will be released FOR FREE on May 2nd. Simply visit the Xbox Store to download the pack when it becomes available, and it’s all yours.

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