A Preview of Hisako’s Ultimate from @KillerInstinct

For Killer Instinct fans, the Ultimates Monster Pack is one week away from its release! With that said, we’ve been given a look at the fourth Ultimate included in this pack. This one belongs to Hisako, who is unarguably the character that received the greatest praise since her debut in Season 2.

Check it out!

It’s intriguing how Hisako’s Influence special attack (her command grab) doesn’t actually kill the opponent unless it’s involved in her Ultimate, despite the fact that it contorts the opponent’s limbs whenever it connects.

With the reveal of Hisako’s Ultimate, that leaves only Glacius’s finisher, which has yet to see the light of day. See below for the articles that feature Ultimates for Aganos, Sabrewulf and Mira.

Aganos’s Ultimate
Sabrewulf and Mira’s Ultimates

And…if the image below is any indication, it looks like Content Update 3.9 is set to roll out to the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of KI soon. Most likely it will coincide with the launch of the Ultimates Monster Pack, but this also has players wondering about the next balance changes to come since such alterations tend to be featured in every CU, whether as bug fixes or something more.

It could also be during this update that we’ll learn more about the Steam version of Killer Instinct, which was confirmed at CEO 2017 to be in development. There have been no updates on its progress since the announcement in June 2017. We’ll update you if that changes.

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