A Look at Glacius’s Ultimate from @KillerInstinct

UPDATE: The Ultimates Monster Pack is now available! You can access Killer Instinct’s Store menu at the title screen and visit the Extras tab to download the product.

Yesterday, we were given a look at the final character’s Ultimate that’s coming to the Ultimates Monster Pack, and Glacius is the star for this finisher…one that we feel carries quite an ominous vibe despite the opponent’s “death” occurring off-screen. Check it out!

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In addition to Glacius, the following four characters will also receive Ultimate finishers. All of them will be free of charge!

  • Hisako
  • Aganos
  • Mira
  • Sabrewulf

How to perform an Ultimate? You must defeat an opponent while you are still on your first health bar (the green health bar). When your opponent enters the Danger mode or they are K.O.ed, perform the inputs required for your character’s Ultra Combo, then quickly press LP and LK at the same time to perform the Ultimate. In the case of Shadow Jago, you do a quarter-circle forward motion with your D-pad or analog stick, then press LP+LK.

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Killer Instinct is currently available to play on the Xbox One and PC platforms. It is free to download, but additional content must be purchased before being used (unless stated otherwise). The game is also set to arrive on Steam, although no release date has been provided.

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