76ers Working to Legitimize eSports Players as Professional Athletes

Being fans of the eSports community we know exactly what player go through to train and play for our entertainment and their prize money. Now, just a month after buying the team, NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers are attempting their own march on Capitol Hill, if you will, to try and legitimize professional esports players through adjusting their training, providing developmental resources, and promoting mainstream engagement.”

Treating their eSports athletes as if they were traditional sports players is only the first step in the 76ers’ plans. The recently-acquired players of Team Dignitas will now have access to all-new resources thanks to their owners, and will be treated as the same as their other professional athletes. Players will be handled by sleep experts, nutritionists, doctors, and sports psychologists, which are resources that have not yet taken root in the eSports industry as of yet.

Michael O’Dell, president of Team Dignitas, told Fox Business,

“In the past, we have not had access to anything like that. Coaches have only really come in the last few years. Sports psychology and nutrition, that’s only really starting to happen. This is a big reason for me for wanting to partner with the Sixers, having access to their ability and their knowledge in that respect is really important to me.

“There’s this one particular team which is our kryptonite. Every time we play them, we should beat them, but we lose. So having a guy that can sit down and get that confidence back into our players or just get that confidence against teams like that, that’s something we’ve never had the ability to do.”

Not only will these new introductions to the organization help their players perform better, but the change will greatly improve their overall quality of life; Team SoloMid’s Yilian “Doublelift” Peng recently went on record to say that he had been unable to see a professional in months. Doctors can assist with the injuries associated with professional gaming, the most notable of which being carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and spinal troubles, while a nutritionist will work to ensure that each player is receiving the right amount of calories and nutrients to help them avoid falling ill or malnourished, and a sports psychologist will be able to work with players to ensure that they do not experience burnout or performance slumps.

It is clear that the 76ers are extremely invested into their new venture in eSports and have a goal in mind in terms of revolutionizing the industry.


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