42 States and 21 Countries Representing at @CEOGaming 2017

Once Combo Breaker finishes this year, players will have three weeks to prepare for yet another of the biggest FGC events to grace the United States – CEO 2017.

Part of the reason for its reputation is that it attracts players from across the entire globe to compete in competitions for a variety of fighting games while serving as a qualifier for leagues such as Burst League, Capcom Pro Tour and the all-new Injustice 2 Pro Series. And we certainly can’t neglect to mention the legendary boxing ring where all of the finals and a majority of pools are broadcast to the FGC at large.

While they haven’t made the number of attendants public yet, you can get an idea of how well the games are faring by checking out Mr. Alex Jebailey’s Twitter post. These numbers were updated as of May 14th.

Smash Wii-U currently holds the lead while its sibling Melee sits at fourth place. The support is understandable when you consider how CEO Dreamland practically caters to the Smash scene worldwide. Still, a round of applause for the Smash community for showing up in full force despite the recent shockwaves from the Injustice 2 Pro Series.

Something else worth mentioning? CEO will have players attending from 42 states and 21 countries. That…is a LOT. You don’t even want to imagine how frightening the brackets will be when they are finalized, unless you’re a spectator.

CEO’s flagship major will occur on June 16-18 at Orlando’s Wyndham Resort for the final time this year before making the switch to a new venue in Daytona Beach. For more details on the transition, see this article.

As a step towards preparing for CEO’s arrival, Mr. Jebailey released some key updates via the event’s Facebook page. For those who have yet to reserve a hotel room, the Wyndham Resort is completely booked for the weekend of June 16-18, but fortunately the Hawthorne Suites hotel has been reserved by CEO as well and will have rooms available. They can be reached via the following contact information:

7975 Canada Ave
Orlando, FL, 32819


Secondly, CEO 2017 joins the Injustice 2 Pro Series as a qualifying event! Players will compete for ranking points as well as a $20,000 pot bonus! If you’re set to make the event, we strongly recommend getting that practice in.

For Discord users, there is now a Discord channel available for all things concerning CEO. You can check it out here.

More announcements have been promised at the end of the post. Included among them is a look at plans for a 24-hour arcade called Jebaileyland as well as a BYOC area this year. To see the Facebook post in full detail, check it out here.

Planning to compete in Tekken 7? CEO 2017 will host a Salty Suite for all T7 players! All details can be reviewed on Facebook.

Be advised that CEO 2017 closes online registration on June 4th. Venue fee is currently $60 but will increase to $70 on May 22nd. To register, head over to CEO’s Smash.GG page!

As one of the community’s most cherished events, players will not want to overlook CEO. For more news on the event, follow our blog and check out their pages below!

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CEO Website