$3,000 pot bonus goes to @Brawlhalla for @ComboBreakerFGC !

Do you play Brawlhalla? Have you heard of Combo Breaker 2017? Have you considered attending but felt that you would need some persuasion?

Well, perhaps a $3,000 pot bonus for your favorite game will be the justification you’re looking for! Yesterday, Blue Mammoth Games announced via their Brawlhalla Twitter account that they would be contributing such a gift to the upcoming FGC major event in Illinois!

Combo Breaker 2017 takes place on May 26-28 at the Mega Center in St. Charles, Illinois. Registration is still open at this time, so if you haven’t entered yet, we encourage that you do so! You can visit www.combobreaker.org or their Smash.GG page to register.

The event also has a $5,000 pot bonus for Killer Instinct and a $2,000 bonus for Skullgirls up for grabs! Read here for more details.

And while we are on the subject of Brawlhalla, we’d like to remind you that Stream.Me’s contribution to the Brawlhalla Circuit, the Legend Series, begins today at 2 P.M. EST! Our first bracket will be held online and is restricted to North American players only. A European bracket will follow tomorrow. If you’d like to register, visit the Brawlhalla Circuit’s Smash.GG page.

Want to check out the action when it happens?! Make sure you tune in at the Stream.Me page for Legend Series!

Psssst…a total prize pool of $6,000 will be up for grabs in the Legend Series, with half of it going to the North American brackets and the other half going towards the European brackets! Now that’s quite a lot of money!

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